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a genus of the mustard family having white or yellow or purplish flowers

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The subject of the public contract is the supply of gasometric chamber for the measurement of gas exchange on Arabidopsis plants.
One clue came from the observation that Arabidopsis plants--which belong to the Brassicaceae (mustard or cabbage) family--mature and open their seed pods faster when grown at elevated temperatures, according to the study.
Based on this empirical rule, we hypothesized that if a family of secreted peptides in Arabidopsis shares a conserved domain near the C-terminus by in silico analysis and the conserved domain is indeed confirmed to be a part of the secreted mature peptide after post-translational modification by liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC-MS)-based structural analysis (described in section 2.
In Arabidopsis thaliana, hyperosmolality gated calcium-permeable channel (OSCA1) is important for osmosensing (Yuan et al.
Arabidopsis thaliana and rice, this study presents an EPPS buffer-based system for high throughput screening of plants under nitrosative stress induced by the NO donor CysNO.
Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) cascades have been reported for their role in salt adaptation in rice and Arabidopsis (Ning et al.
As with for previous experiments in this ongoing project, seedlings of Arabidopsis were grown in moist potting soil in a growth chamber at 19[degrees]C, with continuous illumination.
Recently, a heat-shock-like transcription factor TBF1 was identified as the major molecular switch during growth-to-defense transition in Arabidopsis thaliana.
In the new study, the researchers discover that Arabidopsis petals contain a similar, hidden map that orients growth in the flower's bud.
com)-- In 2005, Susan Lolle and colleagues from Purdue University published a paper in Nature, concluding that Arabidopsis thaliana plants do not obey the laws of Mendelian inheritance (the idea that all genes are inherited from their parents).
Pyridoxal (PL) kinase encoded in Arabidopsis thaliana (SOS4) [11], is key enzymes involved in the biosynthetic pathway leading to Pyridoxal 5'-P (PLP).
When expressed in Arabidopsis thaliana, the Beet yellows virus p21 and the Tomato bushy stunt virus p19 silencing suppressors bind the duplex but not single-stranded miRNAs leading to increased abundance of [miRNA.
En su estudio analizaron una flor conocida como Arabidopsis thaliana, nativa de Europa, Asia y el norte de Africa y famosa por ser la primera planta en tener su genoma totalmente secuenciado.
Exemplos de utilizacao do estudo do ionoma Estudo de variabilidade na absorcao de ions de uma populacao natural de Arabidopsis thaliana