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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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The Saharan populations of Egypt, Libya, and Sudan are mostly Arabicized, though it seems that the sedentary rural populations of the Nile Valley have not received external genetic inputs since the stabilization through unification of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt in the times of the pharaohs.
65) Even the University of Juba, which has mostly Southerners, has been Arabicized.
However, most Kurds may speak their own language, they are |either half or wholly arabicized, that is they feel they belong now to the local Arab culture.
The word zindiq is the Arabicized form of the Middle Persian word zandik (followers of Zand).
75) Second, Mingana holds that the ra' became a waw when an arabicized form of qardu was misread, since the two Arabic letters are similar in early Arabic scripts (i.
Without specifying where (3) ultimately originated, he suggests that as far as Egypt is concerned (3) first was found in the western delta, perhaps introduced in the course of the thirteenth century, and was transferred in the fourteenth century to Upper Egypt (1998: 88) when the arabicized Berber tribe of the Hawwara, probably from eastern or central Libya, were exiled there (in 1380, Garcin 1976: 469).
7) for what is usually called Arabicized or "Oriental" Israeli Hebrew, whose characteristics include the voiced and voiceless pharyngeal fricatives (the former of which is mentioned on p.
Perhaps the latter names are resistant to the change because they are acrolectic and follow an Arabicized phonology.