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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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2) The Dean of the Faculty of Education, where the study was conducted, and the Vice Chancellor of the University were of the opinion that (one or two) courses would continue to be taught in English even when the new policy of arabicization was fully implemented across all the colleges and schools.
NIF leaders believe that national unity in the Sudan will come about by the Arabicization of education in the South, imposition of Islam as the country's official religion, and adoption of Islamic laws.
There might have been some success stories of Arabisation, Arabicization, and Islamisation amongst some black African south Sudanese through the use of political positions and financial benefits.
According to many scholars (Abun-Nasr 1987: 70), the large-scale Arabicization of North Africa began between 1036 and 1051 when, for various motives, the Banu Hilal were encouraged to leave Upper Egypt for North Africa (Hrbek 1977: 15).
He elaborated on the causes which led to applying the program in the Kingdom of Bahrain, its mission, objectives, its features unlike other awareness programs in the Kingdom in addition to Arabicization and Bahrainization in line with social phenomenon, Bahraini environment, customs, traditions and Islamic values.
For example, his emphasis on Arab immigration and settlement as the most important factor in arabicization is a great improvement on previous vague notions about why certain Islamic countries became Arabic speaking while others did not.
He maintains that points (3) and (4) were the most decisive, whereas (1) only predisposed certain areas to arabicization, while (2), Islam, "initially was the least important influence in the spread of Arabic, though it came to acquire a central educative (and hence linguistic) role later on" (p.
If by "Islam" in point (2) he means "islamicization," then it is clear why it was the least important factor initially, since like arabicization, there was so little of it.