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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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Khamis Kajo Kunda said that the working papers on Arabicization and Arabic language will be presented by specialists and experts at scientific and cultural institutions of some Arab countries and the Sudanese universities He said in a statement to SUNA that there were challenges and difficulties facing the language in our today's world, revealing that the conference comes within the framework of urging and motivating those in charge of education to complete the process of Arabic as a teaching language of in the universities.
member states in the domain of Arabicization, and the studies conducted by
In its six years, the Abboud regime was unable to improve the economy and provoked a civil war with the South due to its insensitive commitment to the Islamization and Arabicization of Sudan Meanwhile, the economy remained pastoral and agricultural while meager infrastructure impeded growth.
There might have been some success stories of Arabisation, Arabicization, and Islamisation amongst some black African south Sudanese through the use of political positions and financial benefits.
This paper (1) is based on classroom research carried out as part of a wider study of the implementation of Arabicization (i.
He notes the accelerating trend towards Arabicization and Islamicization as the new state took shape (without discussing the parallel marginalization of the tiny Christian minority).
These were the processes of Islamization and Arabicization (not Arabization discussed later, because Arabization refers to change of ethnic makeup while Arabicization simply refers to the imposition of the Arabic language.