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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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For example, Benabdi (1980) defines Arabicisation as "the deliberate effort to spread the use of classical Arabic" (p.
Therefore, Al-Abed Al-Haq (1998) argues that Arabicisation and Arabization denote different meanings because the former "is derived morphologically from Arabic, that is, the language, and therefore denotes more adequately the idea of Arabic language planning", whereas the latter "indicates a reference to Arabs, i.
However, this classification ignores the fact that Arabicisation and translation are two different processes.
Therefore, a distinction is made in this article between methods of translation, Arabicisation and Arabic expansion so that translators can choose among them in their translations of technical terms.
In their study on Arabicisation and Arabic-expanding techniques, Al-Asal and Smadi (2012) recommend Arabization or "using Arabic in our education as a medium of instruction and a tool of expression" (p.