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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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65 million from the foundation, this initiative aims to gradually transform education in Saudi Arabia and the Arabic-speaking world to be the best.
This marks a monumental achievement for the Arabic-speaking online community," Ms Omer said.
Etihad Airways is committed to Arabic-speaking audiences across its variety of communication channels.
Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways' chief commercial officer, said: "We look forward to providing Arabic-speaking fans with tailored information consisting of the latest news, exclusive offers and competitions on our new Arabic Twitter account.
to reach the entire Arabic-speaking community in their native language.
They're racist with their own country," she said, adding that while her Arabic-speaking peers just wander about and get marked absent, "we get expelled".
Staffed by Arabic-speaking representatives, the new center provides customers who prefer to speak their native tongue with the full portfolio of AT&T services.
Summary: Geneva - Pakistan's permanent mission in Geneva sent, on Sunday, a diplomatic note to the Moroccan permanent mission to the UN Office in Geneva to "refute" and "condemn" false allegations attributed by the Algerian Arabic-speaking daily "Al Khabar", in its September 23 issue, to a Pakistani diplomat concerning Morocco and its autonomy initiative for the Moroccan Sahara.
London, November 4 (ANI): A laboratory in the UAE has built what it says is the world's first Arabic-speaking robot which could soon go into mass production to serve as staff in shopping malls.
This volume covers 43 prose writers from the Arabic-speaking Middle East during the 20th century.
Since then Egyptian-born Hanna has worked :to make his group useful to individuals, families and institutions in the Arabic-speaking community.
The Emirates Wildlife Society and the Environment Agency have teamed up to create a manual which helps Arabic-speaking government officials and custom agents identify different species.
com the search engine of choice among the Arabic-speaking people.
Kathem conveyed his gratitude to those who helped him to an Associated Press reporter through an Arabic-speaking translator: "I am very grateful to everybody, to the American troops back in Iraq, to all Houstonians, and I'm very grateful to the doctors who did the surgery.
A MUSLIM leader last night alleged that those arrested in the UK's largest round-up of terrorist suspects were likely to be Arabic-speaking "outsiders" who did not belong to the established Islamic community.