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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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Subsequently, over the coming months, DW's Arabic-language programming will be transformed into an integration and information channel, with planned content contributions from German and European partners.
The organization said its latest project will address some of the thorniest issues facing AFP as it attempts to expand access and search capabilities in its multilingual news portal, particularly when it comes to Arabic-language content.
With tough linguistic patterns and few advanced technologies suited to these particular challenges, Arabic-language content--particularly multimedia items such as video and audio files--can be difficult to track down or connect with other related items, both in Arabic and otherwise, says Charles Huot, COO and co-founder of Cap Digital member TEMIS, which makes text analytics and mining software designed to accommodate a full range of languages.
While Salloum searched for ways to "retain our heritage," he firmly opposed the establishment of Arabic-language schools in America.
While all these ills were in the past and no more than a painful memory, Salloum stated, the desire to retain Arabic and to establish Arabic-language schools was itself a throw-back to the idea of "temporary immigration" - and should, therefore, be abandoned.
DIRECTV is proud to offer its subscribers exclusive premieres of the biggest Arabic-language movies, digitally restored classic films, the hottest music acts, and the best comedies and historical dramas available from the Middle East.
The site reported that My Kali's founder Khalid Abdel-Hadi announced the groundbreaking news, calling it "a step to build on the demands of gays who want Arabic-language content.
It adds that the focus on foreign languages being required by the job market has led to a weakening of Arabic-language ability.
FAST ESP has given us the tools we need to extend our leadership amongst both regional and global competition and execute on our commitment to be the most comprehensive Arabic-language Web portal available," said Adonis El Fakih, chief executive officer of Ayna.
Qabbani identified courses of action for Lebanese academics to take in order to increase the use of Arabic in modern discourse: diversifying and innovating Arabic-language education, translating non-Arabic printed information into Arabic, encouraging the production of Arabic scholarly works, and propagating existing scientific, philosophical and empirical productions in the Arabic language.
a leading global character-based entertainment and licensing company to bring Arabic-language Marvel comics, trade paperbacks and magazines to the Middle East region.
P C Magazine Middle & Near East Arabic and English editions, and the Arabic-language Internet Arab World, are published monthly by Dabbagh Information Technology (DIT) from Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
BUSINESS WIRE)--October 3, 1995--Kelly Broadcasting has leased capacity on the INTELSAT-K satellite to distribute Arabic-language programming to Latin America, COMSAT World Systems announced today.