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the alphabet of 28 characters derived from Aramaic and used for writing Arabic languages (and borrowed for writing Urdu)

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The experts discovered some patterns woven onto clothes people were buried in are geometrically designed characters from the Arabic script called Kufic, (https://www.
Wali said that, after years of colonialism and illiteracy, the significance of the Arabic script and language started to erode and is now dying.
Although its appeal will concentrate initially on Muslims and academics, its interactivity invites the whole world to appreciate the beauty of the Arabic script," Dr Davis added.
The military said a recent bomb-making video posted on social media, apparently by Islamic State militants in the Middle East, carried a message in Arabic script reading: "create bomb for Miss Universe".
It's good, too, to see Arabic script on the endpapers of a book that offers plenty of insights into a culture rarely depicted in English-language picture books.
Presently, Kashmiri is written in Nastaliq or Perso- Arabic script and had been approved by the state legislative Assembly
In the second episode of the fifth season, airing in the UK on tomorrow, Carrie Mathison, played by Claire Danes, walks past a wall with Arabic script reading: "Homeland is racist.
While learners do not necessarily need prior knowledge of modern standard Arabic, the majority of the materials in the book are presented in Arabic script, with some transliteration in the beginning chapters.
There is very little research reported that considers the identification/recognition of the Arabic script from multilingual documents.
ISLAMABAD -- The leaves, held in the universitys Mingana Collection, contain parts of chapters 18 to 20, written with ink in an early form of Arabic script known as Hijazi.
An inscription on the glass inset reads "for Allah" or "to Allah" in an ancient Arabic script, the researchers report online February 23 in Scanning.
They will cover diverse topics including workshops on how to draw paintings using Arabic letters and words, Thulth Jali, illumination, in-line workshop, gold leaf preparation and its application on patterns, materialising Arabic script, principles of gilding art, and specialised workshops Kufic, Roqa'a and Diwani typography.
Thomas Milo offers a look at the challenges and opportunities that the digital world poses to writing with an essay on the Unicode system and Arabic script.
So, we see a whole clan of European languages being written in Arabic script in the 16th century and this phenomenon has been studied under the quintessential category of 'Aljamiado literature.
Using Arabic slang is a thousand times better than losing our cultural identity,'' Jalban said, adding that a number of Muslim countries have replaced the Arabic script with Latin and even those who love to use Arabic are forced to use Latin script because they do not get keyboards with Arabic or because they communicate with people who do not like or are not familiar with the Arabic script.