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one of the symbols 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0

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The other in chic black, with orange Arabic numerals and super luminova-coated hands - ideal for legibility in the dark - and attached to the wrist with a black strap with orange stitching.
Tables should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals, with a descriptive title above the table (e.
They are numbered by Arabic numerals in round brackets and aligned right.
Apart from its larger diametre (34 mm), the 2016 Boheme Date Automatic is very similar to its older sister: the bezel of the steel watch is set with 72 Top Wesselton diamonds, the blued leaf-shaped hour and minute hands sweep over elegant Arabic numerals, and the centre of the white silvered dial is occupied by a sunray guilloche motif.
In fact, the two panels, seen side by side from a distance, revealed the date 1976 in Arabic numerals.
They must be numbered with Arabic numerals and listed separately.
Burnett gives most of his attention to the disposition of Arabic numerals, which, he suggests, were often kept in the right-to-left order of Arabic writing when the text they were part of was translated into Latin.
There above the entrance to the monastery was the pigeon house with Arabic numerals painted beside its entrance, a comfortingly stable feature when these days everything around us seems to be in flux.
Identify references in text, tables, and legends by Arabic numerals in parentheses.
He offers a wealth of historical depth in several chapters devoted to Arabic numerals.
Only Latin letters and Arabic numerals are allowed for use.
Colyvan contends that the Arabic numerals suggest a range of number theoretic results that are not suggested by the Roman numerals.
Written Japanese uses 2,000 Chinese characters, most of which have more than two pronunciations and sometimes more than two meanings, plus two alphabets of 50 letters each, as well as the English alphabet and Arabic numerals.
Four delicate Arabic numerals and a half-moon date aperture complete the exquisite ensemble.
The following chart (top) containing Arabic numerals were advised to be worn as an amulet around the neck.