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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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Jamal Bin Huwaireb, Managing Director of Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation, said no one can match Shaikh Mohammad's efforts for promoting the Arabic language.
It is comparable to proficiency tests in other languages and was designed by lecturers at UAEU, where it is run by the Arabic Language Unit in the Continuing Education Centre.
Through four interactive workshops, 'The Development of Arabic Language Skills for Children', 'Creative Writing for Children', 'Children's Programmes on Radio and Television', and 'Modern Techniques to Enhance Children's Use of the Arabic Language', the forum engaged with participants to find solutions for the replacement of formal Arabic with its colloquial usage.
Balarab bin Sultan School from the Wilayat of Bahla won the first place for the best educational project implemented in the service of Arabic language.
He said that from this angle, the Arabic language learning becomes a religious requirement for each Muslim.
Education Ministry General-Director Hanna Abi Habib said the ministry had prioritized the language issue, adding that a decision was made to add two hours of Arabic language instruction to the curriculum in public schools at the primary level.
Commenting on the theme of the conference, Sheikh Nahyan said the Arabic language is still a living one in our daily lives; from schools to mosques, media to businesses and laws.
The Arabic language was the lexicon for every knowledge.
In a statement released, on the occasion, ALECSO pointed out that the celebration of the Arabic Language Day reflects awareness of the great challenges inherent to globalisation, which threaten identities and the linguistic and cultural specifics and diversity and the need to endeavour to preserve and promote the Arabic language.
Coverage includes an overview of the field; geographical, institutional, and cultural contexts of Arabic language teaching; communicative competence in Arabic; Arabic language learners; assessment; technology applications; curriculum development, design, and models; program administration and management; and planning for the future of Arabic language learning and teaching.
In the beginning of Chapter 1 of his Complete Works, Arsuzi states: "The Arabic language has a derivational structure.
WASHINGTON & TUNIS -- Bibliotheca Alexandrina (BA) and the Development Gateway Foundation today unveiled plans for a new Arabic language web portal on development.
ISLAMABAD -- The Institute of Arabic Language Tuesday arranged a walk to promote the language in Pakistan in which people from all walks of life including teachers, students, diplomats and political activists participated.
Arabic Language -- Creative Common via Wikimedia Common CAIRO -- 18 December 2017: The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is celebrating World Arabic Language Day at its headquarters in Paris on December 18 and 19, the organization said in a statement.
Summary: The future needs to be as nourished by the richness of the Arabic language as the past has been