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gum from an acacia tree


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Fish gelatin and Arabic gum were used as the wall in nanocapsules.
Add the Arabic gum and chopped pistachios and freeze for five to six hours before serving.
Add the ghee to the tagine and add the onions, the second bay leaf, piece of Arabic gum, garlic.
The administered dose was calculated on basis of the amount of the aqueous powdered extract dissolved or suspended in a vehicle of 5% Arabic gum solution.
The ex-official accused the ICC prosecutor of seeking to stop the flow of Arabic Gum to world countries "after it was recently discovered that it is a cure to contemporary diseases".
Canadian researchers examined the impact of maltodextrin and arabic gum on flow and dynamic properties, glass transition, particle size and distribution, water-holding capacity, and the texture of nondairy emulsions--both as a mix and frozen foam.
The minister pointed the great importance of the project to Sudan as would protect the Arabic gum belt, help the rehabilitation of natural forests and pastures and increases the area of green trees, beside its role in halting the Desert encroachment and minimize its effects.
The mixture is made from flour, sugar and mastic (a type of plant resin used to make Arabic gum and other Turkish sweets), all cooked in a copper cauldron.