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the alphabet of 28 characters derived from Aramaic and used for writing Arabic languages (and borrowed for writing Urdu)

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The students choose to design traditional pictures, using letters of the Arabic alphabet as a way of paying homage to the country many of them have spent years in.
The Koran discourages magic, but it is lawful to consult the Names of Allah according to a system called the Abjad, in which each letter of the Arabic alphabet carries one of the Nine-and-ninety Names of God beginning with that letter.
Kash5aful (5 is used as the Arabic alphabet pronounced 'kha') is a play on the word and 'ful' is used to add to something -- beautiful or joyful," he explains.
The Arabic alphabet is the Arabic script as it is codified for writing the Arabic language.
Then it became an archetype for all such phenomena in European literature and extensively applied to Portuguese, Bulgarian, Armenian and Italian, Greek, Serbo-Croatian and Albanian written in the Arabic alphabet (Hegyi 1979).
Another CHP deputy Nur Serter told to the reporter in the parliament that the message with compulsory Ottoman Turkish the AK Party government wants to give is despite the alphabet reform of the parliament in 1928 they bring the Arabic alphabet to the schools in a compulsory subject.
Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey, abolished the Ottoman language in 1928, replacing its Arabic alphabet with a Latin one.
He was afraid that all the other letters of the Arabic alphabet would change along the road to the North.
printing of documents using the Arabic alphabet, will be of particular interest
The Arabic alphabet is far different from the English alphabet, and civilized people, we all know, should adopt the US way of doing things.
The boy, who never went to school, learned the Arabic alphabet, how to write his name and read the time by the end of the 6-day trip.
INTERCONTINENTAL Doha The City is hosting a new art exhibition by acclaimed artist Sabah Arbilli, who uses his extraordinary gift for calligraphy art to create this collection of works centred around Alif -- the first letter of Arabic alphabet and the first letter in the revelation of the Quran.
In the 11th Century CE, six calligraphic styles became popular across the world using the Arabic alphabet, which are known as Naskh, Thuluth, Muhaqqaq, Rihani, Tauqi and Riqa.
One prospective candidate's platform consisted of a pledge to rid the Arabic alphabet of the letter 'waw'.
Gendelman provoked a torrent of abuse several days after his welcoming comment by publishing Hebrew soccer slogans written with the Arabic alphabet that he hoped would prove useful to Arab fans.