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position in which the dancer has one leg raised behind and arms outstretched in a conventional pose

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an ornament that interlaces simulated foliage in an intricate design

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SANTA CRUZ DE MOMPOX, Colombia: With strong yet delicate hands, Daniel Alfonso Garrido masterfully handles fragile threads of gold to craft fine jewelry, perpetuating an old Arabic art handed down by generations of Colombian goldsmiths.
He added,"I am happy to teach people calligraphy because it is one of the most interesting Arabic arts.
His loss is all the more tragic given the fact that today's Arabic art scene (be it music, cinema, or literature) is losing icons one after the next without any effort being put towards regenerating the same kind of timeless talent.
For those to whom Islamic art always came across as multi-dimensional, the three authorities on Arabic art and design were here to break it down.
With over four decades of practice under his belt - and the only Arab artist to have a hall devoted to his work in Qatar's Museum of Modern Arabic Art - this exhibition offers the opportunity to experience cartoon surrealism from one of the Gulf's greatest artists.
House Care Home, Edgerton, were given a lesson in the Arabic art form while sitting in their armchairs.
Samira Halaby points out in her "The Landscape of Palestine in Arabic Art," that there was no real break in the artistic process with the coming of the Islamic period.
Realising that the accusations stemmed from My Heart is With Me being a Gulf TV series, Rogena, who is Egyptian, said that Arabic art sought to bridge between nationalities, adding that numerous Egyptian actors had worked in the Gulf in the past.
Outside Oman, his work has featured in collections of the Qatar Museum for Contemporary Arabic Art, Cairo Museum of Contemporary Graphics, Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy, Bengal Foundation Gallery of Fine Arts, and ISESCO.
Located in the main avenue of Souq Waqif, the Art Center sets out to be a hub of traditional Arabic art and design.
About the curator, Brigitte Schenk, he said, "she and her gallery in Cologne have been involved in contemporary Arabic art for many years and, in dedicating herself to this mission, one could say her heart has literally been housed in the Arab countries".
Arabic calligraphy has been a hallmark of Arabic art.
Their main goal is to produce shows, which create positive awareness of Arabic art, culture and society.
The fine arts workshops showcased the basics of drawing, Naseh calligraphy, Ruqa calligraphy, and Islamic decoration, based on traditional Arabic art forms, a statement said.