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large African antelope with long straight nearly upright horns

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More than a dozen Arabian oryxes have been released to the Qasr Al Sarab protected area in Liwa on Thursday, giving visitors an opportunity to see the majestic animals.
With the huge success of Sheikh Zayed's conservation and captive breeding efforts, the UAE is today home to 10,000 Arabian oryxes with 5,000 of these in Abu Dhabi.
And for kids, its small size - and the animals' closeness to their visitors - more than make up for a lack of Arabian oryxes.
Paths wind through areas designed to simulate desert areas throughout the world, with animals and birds native to those areas caged or penned nearby: Big-horn sheep have their own mountain to roost on, Asian wild cats (very much like domestic tabby cats) hide in the foliage, Arabian oryxes snooze in the shade, desert tortoises ease over rocks and dunes.