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a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa

a spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia

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A thriving and well-preserved Arabian culture complements beautiful and varied scenery including mountains, deserts, beaches and sub-tropical Dhofar, as well as historical towns and the country's famous forts.
Made up of 200 small islands, Abu Dhabi's stunning beaches, expansive desert and lush oases provide a venue for exhilarating adventure or tranquil retreat while the old souks and majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque - recently named one of the world's top visitor attractions - offer an intimate look into Arabian culture.
Moreover, sponsoring the voyage of young UAE nationals would 1) help them enhance their leadership and team-building skills; 2) offer them the opportunity to represent the UAE and Arabian culture and work with young people from around the globe in doing something positive for the environment.
The Indian Ambassador to Bahrain, Mohankumar, delivering the inaugural address at the Irresistible India event, said that Manama, which is now seen as the capital of the Arabian Culture, is ideally the hub of global culture.
Al Faisaliah Hotel has been the pinnacle of elegant design but with this wing we wanted to now bring international hotel design to the kingdom that stands out for its unique infusion of Arabian culture into the central theme.
The desire to learn Arabic and get an insight to and understanding of the fascinating Arabian culture also played a big part in the decision to accept the position.
exchange that showcases the Arabian culture in particular.
The finer points of Arabian culture can be explained with a trip to the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which aims to raise awareness of the local culture, its traditions, customs and religion and encourages guests to join in its mosque tours, Arabic lessons and traditional coffee mornings.
The story of an American woman's introduction to Saudi Arabian culture, The Burning Veil avoids clichA[c]s of the Middle East, and finds a compassionate thread in even the most conservative of its charactersafrom Muslim extremists to American racists.
Along with 3,000 other guests - most of them passengers on the inaugural voyage - he watched parachutists drop into an arena on the quayside at Port Rashid as a prelude to a ceremony which mingled Italian and Arabian culture - from the inevitable Nessun Dorma to displays by veiled horsewomen on magnificent Arab stallions.
Special efforts has been put in to create an authentic and rich experience of Arabian culture, traditions, art and heritage laced with scrumptious and mouth watering Arabian cuisine in the midst of that perfect Arabian ambiance of alluring aromas and palm trees at Noha cafe.
After such an exhausting weekend we needed some recovery time so we donned our kaftans again and flew off to Morocco for some authentic Arabian culture.
On Thursday the three were also guest lecturers at the UO Office of International Affairs where there were plenty of questions about Saudi Arabian culture.
The article explains how religion and other aspects of Saudi Arabian culture affect its business environment.
Those who later became Arabs like Iraqis, Lebanese, and modern Egyptians are not ethnic Arabs at all--but merely people who have been colonised by Arabian culture.