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shrubby tree of northeastern tropical Africa widely cultivated in tropical or near tropical regions for its seed which form most of the commercial coffee

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The most moving items in the shop have been Arabian ice cream, Arabian coffee and juices.
The Sultanate succeeded in listing 7 cultural intangible elements on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List namely Bara'a Art, Ayala Art, Taghrud Art, Razfa Art, Arabian Coffee and Al Majalis.
Arabian coffee is the symbol of the famous Arabian hospitality (Al-Aali, 1996).
MOORISH Middle-Eastern cuisine including falafel wraps, sambusak (meat-filled pastry), pirashki (Persian beef and potato cakes), hummous, Moroccan salads and traditional Arabian coffee.
With an unbelievable variety of wildlife calling the island home, game drives are a must-do - proper safari-style open jeeps drive through the park to enable sightings of not just herds of gazelle, oryx and deer, but also cheetahs and giraffe (which were brought to the island when the wildlife park was first created) to culminate in a sunset viewing on a hill, with Arabian coffee and dates, and majlis-style seating.
As for representation of various racial/ethnic groups in the Nutcracker divertissements, like Spanish Hot Chocolate, Arabian Coffee, and Chinese Tea: At worst, they are insensitive, and at best, irrelevant or indifferent, especially when viewed through a 19th-century imperialist lens.
"Traditionally, Arabian coffee is usually a single origin from Ethiopia or Kenya, which is then roasted to a very light yellowish/tan roast (well before the first crack level and starting to smell toasty)," said Kim Thompson, owner, Raw Coffee, Dubai, UAE.
Tea bags, loose tea, Arabian coffee, milk, salt and hall seeds (cardamom) will be added to the list of subsidised food issued to Emiratis for Ramadan.
Organic Head Detox & Purify Shampoo with grape seed oil, seaweed and Arabian coffee extracts to put the bounce back (PS4,
tale of 2 cities (well, one's a town) BeNGHAZI CLIMAte: summer 31.9C, winter 16.6C DRINK: Arabian coffee or mango juice CeLeB: rebel suicide bomber Mehdi Mohammed Zeyo, died February 2011 TOP ATTRACTION: Museum of the Crimes of the Dictator featuring anti-Gaddafi artwork roYstoN CLIMAte: summer 23C, winter 8C DRINK: Royston Red bitter CeLeBs: BBC weather presenter simon King, tV personality Carrie Grant TOP ATTRACTION: Royston chalk cave, famed for its numerous medieval carvings BeNGHAZI roYstoN
The freshly brewed Arabian coffee, consumed in the comfort of the corner settee, fuelled more memories of that holiday.
SSA presented aspects of Saudi hospitality through serving Arabian coffee, a show of national and official male costumes in the various regions of the Kingdom, local folk dishes in addition to distributing booklets and C.Ds depicting the Kingdom's development, some traditions and heritage and a show of Saudi folklore.
Mosaic, copper and silver jewelry and handcrafts, carpet industry, the way of making Arabian coffee and paintings on Palmyra civilization were exhibited at the Syrian-Qatari Cultural Tent.
Precious saffron plants, with high nutritional value, distinguished crimson color, aroma and taste, widely used in Arabian coffee recipes in the Gulf region as a sign of hospitality, are costly to grow.
In this mini Arabia, guests are welcomed with dates and qahwah (Arabian coffee).