Arabian camel

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one-humped camel of the hot deserts of northern Africa and southwestern Asia

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Speaking at a press conference in Riyadh, scientists from King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and China's Shenzhen-based Beijing Genomics Institute (BGI) explained how the single-humped Arabian camel (known by its scientific name as Camelus dromedarius) is part of a select few mammals that have been studied in this way.
With this, the Arabian camel has entered a highly exclusive club of selected few mammals which have had their full genome sequenced and analysed, said a statement.
The dromedary, an Arabian camel, is a large even-toed ungulate with has one hump while the bactrian, also known as Asian camel, has two humps.
IBRI: Pure Arabian camel race kicked-off at the Camel Race Track at Saih Al Masarat in the wilayat of Ibri yesterday under the auspices of Sheikh Mahmoud bin Rashid Al SaEoe1/4aoadi, deputy wali of Ibri in the presence of Sheikh Ali bin Sultan Al Mebaihsi, deputy chairman of the Omani Camel Race Association, dignitaries of the Al Dhahirah region and camel owners.
Of more than 200 Saudi Arabian camels surveyed in 2013, researchers found that 74 percent showed signs of previous infections and around 25 percent had signs of active infections.
The Qatari Emir received the Necklace of Honour from Bashir besides other gifts including birds, rare African parrots, and authentic Arabian camels.
Last August, researchers pointed to Arabian camels as possible hosts of the virus.
Kuwait: March 12 -- (BNA) The 2nd Arabian Camels Festival kick-starts tomorrow in the sisterly State of Kuwait with participation of more than 420 well-bred Arab camels from 147 breeders inside the State of Kuwait and abroad to compete for a KD 200,000 awardable to the winner during the four-day event.
The event, situated on the basin of the Rub Al Khali Desert and known for some of the world's highest dunes, will host more than 2000 Arabian camels that will compete in a series of races and a camel beauty contest.
Participant camels are renowned for their Omani pure bred and unique beauty among the Arabian camels.
The town and its nearby areas are the major centers of breeding original strains of Arabian camels.
Despite not hitting the hot 100 (that's fahrenheit) the weather managed to distress the Arabian camels at Colwyn Bay Zoo.
But as temperatures across Wales continued to soar yesterday the Arabian camels at Colwyn Bay Zoo were treated to a jet of refreshing water sprayed directly into their only too grateful mouths.
In August, researchers pointed to Arabian camels as possible hosts of the virus, which has hit hardest in the desert kingdom, where 53 people have died from the disease since it appeared in September 2012.
Thumrait, Feb 17 (ONA) The 6th leg of the pure Arabian camels race kicked off at the Camel Race Track in the Wilayat of Thumrait today under the auspices of Bakhait bin Owaidhan al Bathari, Deputy Wali of Thumrait in the presence of Sheikh Ali bin Sultan al Mibaihsi, Deputy Chairman of the Omani Camel Races Association, sheikhs and dignitaries in the Governorate of Dhofar.