Arabian camel

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one-humped camel of the hot deserts of northern Africa and southwestern Asia

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Taken together, this is the first report on the promoter region of the HSPA6 gene from Arabian camel which will enhance our understanding of how such regulatory cis-elements are engaged in regulating the gene expression.
They found that viruses from infected humans and Arabian camels from the same geographical region have nearly identical RNA sequences.
As with SARS-CoV, it is expected that MERS-CoV might be transmitted to humans by an intermediate animal host, and neutralizing antibodies against MERS-CoV have been found in Arabian camels originating from Oman, Spain, and Egypt (8,9).
CAMELS have either one or two humps - two in the case of the bactrian or Asian camel and one in the dromedary or Arabian camel.
And bringing up the rear will be a female dromedary, a one-humped Arabian camel named Mariah.
There is some doubt whether the dromedary, a one-humped Arabian camel, actually appeared in America.
HH the Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani yesterday attended the closing ceremony of the Annual Purebred Arabian Camel Races for HH the Emir's sword, which was held at Al Shahaniya race track.
In August, researchers pointed to the Arabian camel as a possible host of the virus.
Summary: Researchers pointed to the Arabian camel as a possible host of the deadly human Mers virus plaguing the Middle East.
A collaborative research team from the King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and China's BGI has for the first time mapped the full genome of Arabian camel.
Revenge came on a recent Sunday in the form of Joe, a one-humped Arabian camel.
The only survivors were Dalal, the elephant, who although alive had severe injuries, buffaloes, one Arabian camel and two bears," the director confirmed.
Samuel Sewall reported the appearance of a dromedary, or Arabian camel, in 1714.