Arabian Sea

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a northwestern arm of the Indian Ocean between India and Arabia

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A water canal from the Gulf (UAE) to the Arabian Sea (Oman) as an alternative or addition to the Strait of Hormuz.
Coalition Maritime Forces regularly operate throughout international waters in the North Arabian Sea to conduct MSO.
The hotel has 368 elegantly-appointed rooms and suites each offering a magnificent panoramic view of the Arabian Sea.
The fine and clean sandy beaches at Juhu, on the Arabian Sea coast, and Chowpatty, on the northern shore of Back Bay, are popular destinations for both domestic and overseas visitors.
It was April 6, 1930, and Gandhi, the 61-year-old Indian nationalist leader, had just completed a 240-mile walk from his home in Ahmedabad to the town of Dandi, on the Arabian Sea.
ARABIAN SEA -- WHOI marine chemists Jim Moffett and Tyler Goepfert joined a research cruise in the Arabian Sea last fall aboard the Indian research vessel Sagar Kanya to measure trace levels of iron and copper in the ocean.
WASHINGTON, April 21 /PRNewswire/ -- A NASA funded study has found a decline in winter and spring snow cover over Southwest Asia and the Himalayan mountain range is creating conditions for more widespread blooms of ocean plants in the Arabian Sea.
Two Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers left Japan for the Arabian Sea on Monday to support U.
Storm warning Data from Arabian Sea sediments suggest that Asian monsoons have been intensifying over the past 400 years, and scientists predict that these storms are slated to get worse (162: 54 *).
Two Maritime Self-Defense Force destroyers left for the Arabian Sea on Monday morning to replace two vessels that are providing logistical support for the U.
and British troops were already en route to the Arabian Sea and the Gulf of Oman for war games, with the United States heading to Egypt and Britain heading to Oman.
Yet, somehow, the Canadian Forces interpreted this directive to include Her Majesty's Canadian Ships at home and abroad -- including the five warships currently deployed to the Arabian Sea under Operation Apollo.
But he said: ``She was part of a very important maritime force in the Arabian sea.
ABC correspondent Jeffrey Kofman had only six hours' notice on October 5 before he had to leave his Miami base for the Arabian Sea, where he was stationed off the coast of Paldstan on the USS Carl Vinson for seven days.
The identity of the Americans in today's shooting had not been released but it appeared the van carrying the victims was near the Arabian Sea harbor when the gunmen opened fire.