Arab-Israeli War

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Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in October 1973 (on Yom Kippur)

tension between Arabs and Israeli erupted into a brief war in June 1967

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Arab leaders reaffirmed their support for the establishment of Palestinian state as well as the Arab Peace Initiative for achieving a peaceful solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict.
He thanked Bahrain for the great role played by HM King Hamad in supporting the Palestinian cause, criticising Israel for its intransigence in disobeying the UN resolutions and violating the international laws which has deepened the Arab-Israeli conflict and deprived the Palestinian people of their right to practise their rights.
The popular demands are still the same today despite all attempts to link them to regional conflicts, including the Arab-Israeli conflict, like what is happening in Egypt today.
Judeh pointed out that the growing Arab protests against Israeli occupation of Arab lands "reflected pessimism and frustration on the part of Arab peoples over Israel's obstinacy and failure to respond to serious world efforts" aimed at ending the Arab-Israeli conflict.
It is a vivid account of an American boy growing up in the midst of the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Summing up Vladnov's tour outcome, MP Kassem Hashem said he put him into the picture of Lebanon within the context of the Arab-Israeli conflict and that Sheb'a Farms and Syrian Golen heights were still under Israeli occupation.
Moment readers deserve better than Charles Krauthammer's hackneyed and naive trope, "If the Arabs would only behave better, the Arab-Israeli conflict would be solved" ("What Is America's Next Move in the Middle East?
Summary: Rabat - The just, comprehensive and lasting settlement of the Arab-Israeli conflict is an inevitable prelude to initiate a collective effort of building the Euro-Mediterranean group, Morocco's House of Representatives (Lower House) Speaker Abdelwahed Radi said on Friday in Rabat.
Summary: Syria marked on Wednesday the 37th anniversary of October War which is considered by the Syrians as a major turning point in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Summary: DAMASCUS (Cihan) - Turkish Parliament Speaker Mehmet Ali Sahin said Wednesday it was high time to find a fair, viable and comprehensive solution for the Arab-Israeli conflict, an issue that lays at the foundation of all problems in the Middle East.
THE 25-mile stretch of land which makes up the Gaza Strip had been fought over for hundreds of years before the Arab-Israeli conflict.
Secretary General Kofi Annan opened the 61st session of the General Assembly for the last time Tuesday, addressing heads of state and other officials in a speech saying that the Arab-Israeli conflict remains one of the most powerful conflicts that challenges the world.
The small map shows countries in the Middle East, and which side each takes in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
The Islamic militant group Hamas has no intention of recognizing Israel's right to exist and will not change its charter advocating destruction of the Jewish state until the Arab-Israeli conflict is completely settled, a leading Hamas official said in an interview published here Friday.
The first is the ending of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as ending the occupation in Iraq".
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