Arab-Israeli War

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Egypt and Syria attacked Israel in October 1973 (on Yom Kippur)

tension between Arabs and Israeli erupted into a brief war in June 1967

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One prominent example is water, an issue that has bedevilled Palestinians in the West Bank, where some half a million Israelis have moved into illegal colonies, many replete with gardens and swimming pools, since the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. Others include a contiguous West Bank and a direct link with the Gaza Strip, now ruled by Hamas; and the demolition of the separation barrier that has denied many farmers access to their land.
It has had a consistent presence in the United States for over a century, and its modern incarnation can roughly be traced to the 1967 Arab-Israeli War. Anti-Arab racism, has traditionally existed on the left as well as the right (as have all forms of racism).
Israel is still at war with Syria and occupies the Golan Heights, a territory seized from Syria during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war (see Part 17F, Syria 6, in fap4bSyriaIsraelApr25-05).
Bunche, who won the 1950 Nobel Prize for Peace for his mediating an end of the first Arab-Israeli war in 1949, expanded his role of leadership on an international level while keeping an eye on the racial domestic issue and the race was well served by his choice.
More than one Arab critic has linked this development to the deep cultural shock of Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser's catastrophic defeat in the Arab-Israeli war of 1967.
Five days into the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, with the superpowers on the brink of confrontation, President Richard Nixon was too drunk to discuss the crisis with the British Prime Minister, according to newly-released transcripts of tape recordings.
The operation in Rafah, that also involved about 500 armored vehicles, is said to be the largest operation in Gaza since the 1967 Arab-Israeli war, the Israeli daily Yediot Ahronot said.
The decision by President Richard Nixon to put US forces on worldwide nuclear alert after the Soviets threatened to intervene in the Arab-Israeli war of October 1973 marked one of the gravest moments of the Cold War.
Although it lasted for only six days, the 1967 Arab-Israeli war never really ended.
Partition resolution, the first Arab-Israeli war in 1948 and the defeat of the Arab armies, the Palestinian nationalist movement suffered a severe setback.
Army War College, economist Thomas Stauffer estimated that since 1973 -- the year of the most recent full-scale Arab-Israeli war -- aid to Israel has cost the U.S.
By contrast, the definitive journalistic account of Turkey, Turkey Unveiled by Hugh and Nicole Pope, devotes 16 densely informative pages to the question, concluding that the combination of the Cyprus conflict and the economic impact of the 1973 Arab-Israeli war never gave Turkey much of a chance.
The remaining lands--the West Dank and Gaza Strip--eluded Israeli control until they came under occupation during the 1967 Arab-Israeli war. Despite U.N.
To Israelis the 1948 Arab-Israeli war is "The War of Independence', a gargantuan struggle of a Jewish David against an Arab Goliath.
First published in Arabic in 1991, A Lake Beyond the Wind is a historical novel which powerfully dramatizes the 1948 Arab-Israeli War and the catastrophe of Palestinian refugees in the aftermath of the Arabs' defeat in that conflict.
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