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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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Taken by the overwhelming surprise of the Intifada of the Arab masses in Tunisia and Egypt, the world public opinion seems to forget that "Intifada" is an Arab word coined for the first time in a Palestinian context to describe a civil and peaceful revolt and uprising against the Israeli military occupation that brought the PLO officially into the occupied territories and the "peace process.
Then I joined Gulf Star Systems where I was responsible for the Arabic products, and one of the most important products was ARAB WORD, which was then most popular Bilingual Word processor in the region and I was also involved in supporting Novell networks and Mainframe solutions from CA which we then represented.
Ron Breiman says it is the Jewish Nakba, the Arab word for catastrophe.
He has been active in drafting a code of ethics for the newspaper and will cite codes from the West and Arab word.
It is critically important that these negotiations succeed, because lowering the temperature between the US and Iran and allowing Tehran to enjoy normal relations with the leading Western powers is the single most important way to make progress on the many other localized conflicts and tension points in the Arab word and south Asia region.
I didn't realize that algebra was an Arab word -- al-jabru," Kaiser said.
because it connects all the countries of the Arab word.
Palestinian artist Reem Bana recently gave a live concert in Damascus celebrating its new status as the 'Cultural Capital' of the Arab Word.
After all, we must never forget that the Arab word "saalam" and the Hebrew word "shalom" hardly differ: They both mean Peace.
In the context of what the defendant is to say in his speeches, it is ironic that Islam is an Arab word meaning peace and the submission to the will of Allah.
While a number of CIA veterans have written about Islamic extremism, Sageman's treatise provides the most detailed account of how Al Qaeda emerged from the rubble of war-torn Afghanistan to become the vanguard of a Sunni Muslim revivalist movement known as Salafism (deriving from salaf the Arab word for "ancient one"), which calls for the restoration of "authentic Islam" through the violent overthrow of the established order.
The limited space allotted to the environmental issues resulted in a highly generalized pattern of analysis characterized by the lack of an innovative approach to the environmental issues of the Arab word.
The Arab word "hayal" means imagination or mimicry and the added term "zill" creates the word "zill-i haryl" or shadow phantoms.
The word Berberis comes from berberys, the Arab word for the fruit.
The author suggestively links this outburst of hatred with the beginnings of anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist literature in the Arab word, posing an interesting theory on the Oriental background and possible origins of the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion.
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