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a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa

a spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia

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It is high time we restored Arab cohesion and closed our ranks, resolutely and in good faith, in order to rise to the real challenges facing Arab peoples, using a comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach.
Today, Arab people now come to see Iran's behaviour "in its own light, so their interference in Iraq, or in Bahrain, or in Kuwait or in Lebanon, all those things have become more of a nuisance and a threat than as a challenge to the West," Zogby added.
This kind of bribery cannot mislead our Arab peoples.
Premier Gamal Abdul Nasser's attitude towards the arming of the Egyptian Army was greatly admired by the Arab peoples and strengthened faith in the Egyptian revolution.
The head of the Arab League called for an end to violence in Libya on Monday, saying the demands of Arab people for change are legitimate.
Pushing back this revolt, or encouraging the military to cheat the Arab peoples of the fruits of their victory, will hand the victory to al-Qaida.
This demonstration is an expression by the Iraqi people and confirmation that they are free people, facing several problems, but at the same time, to express support for the Arab people in Egypt, Tunisia and other Arab countries that shall witness similar changes to those that took place in Iraq, though with foreign interference," the Executive Director of Iraq's Press Freedoms Center, Hadi Jallo Mar'i, said.
On the left, though, it sometimes can be found in what writers assert through omission when they are selectively descriptive and what they say implicitly about the value of Arab peoples when they choose to emphasize the sanctity of American life.
A History of the Arab Peoples tells the story of the Arabs from before the birth of Mohammed, circa 570, up to 1993, with clarity and understanding, something often lacking in the contemporary media.
Professors Al-Krenawi and Graham conclude the special issue with some considerations of social work theory and methods as could be applied to Muslim Arab peoples in broad, trans-national terms.
It will have to be solved by artists, dreamers and builders coming from the new generation of Arab peoples.
The Assembly that consists of 50 members, elected by the people, fulfills its due legislative role, enacting laws to push a head the wheel of development in Kuwait, as well as working on boosting joint Arab action through removing barriers and obstacles to serve the interests of the Arab peoples.
He referred to Mauritania's pivotal role in the joint Arab action system, and noted that the Arab peoples look forward to resolutions of this summit, chaired by Mauritania.
Prince Talal Bin Abdul Aziz noted that the Arab nation is passing through difficult circumstances that it has to overcome and go on taking advantage of every opportunity, calling for good relations between the Arab peoples and all other peoples.
The Arab delegation stressed that Arab peoples are aware that Syria is going through hard circumstances that are aimed at undermining its unity and sovereignty, adding that their visit is aimed at affirming that Arab people are united against Zionism.
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