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a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa

a spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia

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They used their veto power four times not to condemn abusive regimes and terror groups acting against Arab people, and not condemning a criminal act is at least as worse as condoning it.
Mohammad Al Qatatsha, a member of the Jordanian House of Representatives also believes that the Arab people are the ones in charge of protecting their language.
The Arab leaders also stressed their commitment to work on establishing the best relations among the Arab countries by narrowing the gaps and assert that the Arab-Arab ties are based on the Arab solidarity foundation as the best way for achieving the ambition of the Arab peoples.
If there is conflict, it should not be between the Islamists and the secular, but rather between democracy and denial of democracy," he also said, considering that what is happening in Syria is "a message that Arab peoples have resolved upon overthrowing totalitarian regimes.
The organization showcases its conceit by attempting to speak for the Arab people with such a plan.
I FIND it hypocritical that the Arab people involved in the so called 'Arab spring' uprisings fighting for their rights and freedom are lauded and applauded as heroes by this ConDem coalition government, yet in Britain a bunch of people who have been pushed too far and said 'enough is enough' and decided quite legitimately to strike to protect their rights and conditions are branded as 'militants'.
He said the uprisings set off by protests in Tunisia proved that the aspirations of the Arab people are the same.
Arab people have shed their fears to overthrow the autocrats, said HH the Heir Apparent.
The general secretariat of the Arab League renewed, in a statement released on Monday, its position calling for respecting the principle of peaceful expression and to not use violence against peaceful legitimate demands of Arab people and their right to claim freedom, reform, development, democratic change and social justice.
But it is very uncomfortable for Arab people to watch Western military machines once again pounding Arab lands.
The head of the Arab League called for an end to violence in Libya on Monday, saying the demands of Arab people for change are legitimate.
He also urged the Arab people to put an end for the big gap in standards of living, where only few control the national wealth while the oppressed majority is unemployed and poor.
It would be fair to say that Arab summits never mattered after that day andmdash;at least as far as the Arab people are concerned.
The Arab people are submissive and did not resist these regimes so their only way out is the ICCC[yen] he added.
According to the London daily Elaph, Syrian singer Mayada Al Hinawi has also released a new song for Beirut about peace and love between Arab people.
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