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the Semitic language of the Arabs

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He affirmed importance of Khartoum International Institute for Arabic Language in expanding the Arab Language studies.
At LOT 1 to bookbinding for journals from the Anglo-American, skandinavi-rule, Roman, African and Arab language area (approximately 1100 journal volumes per year) and monographs and all types of repair (300 books per year).
In interviews with different Arab language newspapers, he said his government was interested in renewing better ties with the South Asian neighbor like previous tenures of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N).
The proposed scientific research plan for the first stage of the University operation has 12 research domains that include renewable energy, exploring minerals, public health, public health services, health e-services, contagious and noncontagious diseases, medicines development, transport, marine sciences, fisheries, agriculture, food production, water resources treatment, mineral treatment, production and developing the IT systems and digital media for Arab language.
Some categories are religion, intellectual history, Arab language, modern literature by Muslims, and representations of Islam and Muslims by non-Muslims.
In a press statement, the Turkish minister said Turkey is keen to develop cooperation with Jordan in the educational sphere, pointing to Turkish students who study Arab language in Jordan.
It continues on Thursday with sessions focusing on Arab language and literature in the Balkans, political and economic relations, and the media.
However, the details present in the book, which include the impact of technology on education, the empowerment of women and the influence on Arab language, revolve mainly around Arab nations.
In 1990, he was elected as a member of the Arab Language Academy (Damascus) and in 2000, he received The Babatin Prize for poetical creativity.
We are in talks to shoot Arab language films for the Arab market here in London and the US, the same way Bollywood films are now shot all over the world," said Mr Black.
Iran seeks a peaceful solution to the Syria crisis, which would be Syrian-Syrian and allow the Syrian nation to choose its suitable options and pave the way for negotiations between the Syrian government and opposition groups, Salehi told Al Alam Arab language TV network in Cairo on Thursday.
The minister pointed out to the necessity for the organization to care for the Arab Language in Diaspora countries, like Africa and Latin America, so as to boost the relation between the homeland and the countries.
I don't believe that one party will be able to reach a level (of support) allowing them to obtain a majority," Daho Ould Kablia told the Arab language Ennahar daily.
Dean Wafaa Berri from LU's Faculty of Arts, who was representing LU President Adnan Sayyed Hussein, said that there was a pressing need to reclaim the Arab language, literature and culture.
The Prince said that Arab Christians are the pioneers in preserving the Arab language and identity,.
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