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President Barack Obama condemned the "barbaric murder" by al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula.
Weather report: General status: Warm air masses from north Africa and the Arab peninsula gradually affect the Mediterranean Eastern basin until the end of the week.
Entitled o[umlaut]Mathaf Collection, Summary - Part 1', the exhibition presents more than 8,000 works that reflect a multitude of artistic directions and contexts from Qatar and the Arab world, Iran, Turkey and other regions historically linked to the Arab peninsula.
For noted historian Renzo De Felice Mussolini's stated sympathy for the Muslim world, an area comprising Egypt, the Palestine Mandate, Transjordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, and the Arab peninsula, was but an opportunistic move against the rival imperialisms of France and Great Britain.
The paper, 'UAE Tyre Market Forecast & Opportunities, 2019', cites a combination of inadequate rail network connectivity within the Arab peninsula and a rapidly expanding middle class as major drivers behind this growth.
Inadequate rail network connectivity within the Arab peninsula combined with rapidly expanding middle class have a profound effect on development of the UAE tyre market
Inspire is produced by al-Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula (AQAP), believed to be the most ruthless branch of the terror group.
According to an account on Twitter, under the heading of Da'ish, a statement was issued that the organization is "preparing to extend its operations into the Arab Peninsula in the near future".
The Delegation for Relations with the Arab Peninsula of the European Parliament's Foreign Committee says Shaikh Khalifa is a role model of a successful leader.
Eiast already put DubaiSat-1 in orbit which is used to take detailed images of the UAE which consists of seven emirates located at the South- Western coastline of the Arab peninsula.
In addition, LC will benefit from the fast and highly reliable Aeronautical Message Handling System (AMHS) that already connects many countries in the Arab peninsula and North African Region.
The rise in drone strikes signals the Obama administration is stepping up its efforts to target Yemen's al Qaida offshoot - al Qaida in the Arab Peninsula - amid fears of terrorist attacks.
State Department is claiming that the Al Qaeda has been decimated in the AFPAK region, and has now shifted its focus to threatening and possibly attacking American diplomatic missions in the Arab Peninsula.
The Qatar National Library (QNL), in collaboration with the World Digital Library (WDL), recently hosted a workshop in Doha for current and prospective members of WDL's Arab Peninsula Regional Group.
The seven-member European Union Delegation for Relations with the Arab Peninsula hopes to look beyond Bahrain's human rights record during the three-day visit next week.
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