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The day the Arab Maghreb Union was able to firmly set its feet on the ground, Egypt realized that its Arab role could be reinforced by joining the Maghreb Union and rushed to request membership, before the dreams of the Maghreb collapsed when faced with the wall of bilateral and regional disputes, the negative influence of which is still prevalent.
However, the Moroccan King Mohammed VI has accused Algeria, in a TV speech yesterday, the 15th anniversary of his coronation, of seeking to derail the formation of the Arab Maghreb Union, pointing out that Algeria "systematically rejects" all Moroccan initiatives that aim at reopening closed borders and normalising relations between the two countries.
The Arab Maghreb Union, AMU, formed in 1989, made up of Libya, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia, is due to meet in the next summit in Tunisia in October.
Libyan leader Moammar Gaddafi is chairing both the 53-member African Union and the Arab Maghreb Union which groups Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Mauritania and Tunisia.
The problem of the Arab Maghreb Union will remain standing as long as there is a core issue of conflict between Algeria and Morocco.
Qadhafi says current structures aimed at unifying Arab countries, such as the Arab Maghreb Union of North African states, or UMA, were "fictitious and artificial".
TAP) - Ways to strengthen and further develop co-operation between Tunisia and the European Union (EU) in all areas were discussed at a meeting Wednesday in Tunis between Prime Minister Youssef Chahed and President of the Delegation for Relations with the Maghreb Countries and the Arab Maghreb Union at the European Parliament (EP) Pier Antonio Panzeri.
On the occasion of the 27th anniversary of the creation of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), HM King Mohammed VI has sent messages of congratulations to the heads of State of the five Maghreb countries.
Rabat, Ramadan 14, 1435, Jul 11, 2014, SPA -- General Secretariat of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), has strongly condemned, the brutal Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip, resulting in the killing and injuring of as many as of the victims among Palestinian defenseless civilians.
CAIRO, June 7 (KUNA) -- Senior officials of the Organization of Muslim Organization (OIC), Arab League, Gulf Cooperation Council and Arab Maghreb Union agreed Saturday on coordinating stances at international events and organizations.
Summary: Tunis (AFP) - Morocco's King Mohamed VI Saturday called for the reactivation of the Arab Maghreb Union, which has been frozen since its 1989 launch, saying the five-nation body is key for regional development.
Rabat - Foreign ministers of the Arab Maghreb Union are holding here this Sunday their 31st session.
Libya's interim Prime Minister, Dr Abdurrahim el-Keeb is leading a delegation made up of top Libyan officials, for a two-day visit to neighbourly Morocco, during which, the Arab Maghreb Union, the crisis in Mali, and bilateral economic cooperation between the two countries are expected to top the agenda in discussions.
As soon as Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Al-Qaddafi's statements, in which he describes the Arab Maghreb Union as "a mere fib", were issued, Algeria began to call for the necessity of returning constitutional order to Mauritania.
TAP) - President Beji Caid Essebsi received, on Friday at the Carthage Palace, new Secretary-General of the Arab Maghreb Union (AMU), Taieb Baccouche.
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