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channels that defame Arab League member states, at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo.
Foreign ministers of the Arab League member states held an emergency meeting in Cairo late on Saturday to discuss the Israeli operation.
Morsi made his comments at a press conference conducted in conjunction with an emergency meeting on the Hamas-Israel conflict held by Arab League member states and Turkey in Cairo.
Alkelaibi also emphasised the "importance of easing trade between Arab League member states in order to strengthen and increase the flow of bilateral trade between them", adding that "the GCC member countries have constantly been working on easing trade", which is evident, he said, in the GCC's main principles and economic agreements ever since its establishment, when the six member states created a free trade area in 1983, established a GCC customs union in 2003, and agreed on launching a joint gulf market in 2008.
Matviyenko also affirmed that Russia is conducting daily dialogue with western countries and Arab League member states regarding the crisis in Syria.
There is broad concern about whether Arab League member states, with some of the world's poorest human rights records, were fit for the mission to monitor compliance with a plan to end to the crackdown on political opponents by security forces.
The sanctions include a ban on commercial flights between Syria and Arab League member states.
Ashton visited the Egyptian capital to meet the ministers of the Arab League member states, gathered as part of the Arab Peace Follow-Up Committee.
The GCC and Arab League member states that dispatched their troops to shore up the monarchy in Bahrain are the very same states that endorsed and offered to participate in a military campaign against the Jamahiriya in Libya.
The project is a major breakthrough in sustainable transport infrastructure because it integrates the 21 Arab League member states.
The session, placed under the theme: "methods and mechanisms for taking care of young delinquents," runs till November 25, with the participation of representatives of Arab League member States and experts in the areas of psychology, education, social science and medicine from several Arab countries (Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Egypt, Lebanon, Palestine, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Syria, Jordan, Sudan, Djibouti and United Arab Emirates.
Frustrated by stalling European leaders, Turkey has been steadily reversing years of animosity with its Arab neighbours, with trade between Turkey and the Arab League member states doubling over the past five years to just under $30bn a year.
Lebanon, which has a non-permanent seat at the UN Security Council, represents the Arab bloc at the council but it is unclear whether its position mirrors the position of the 22 Arab League member states.
According to the UN Arab Human Development Reports, about 38% of the population of Arab League member states are minors.
She should invite Arab League Secretary-General Amr Mousa to Occupied Jerusalem to discuss the Arab Peace Plan, first launched in March 2002 and still on the table - which offers Israel peace and normal relations with all 22 Arab League member states in exchange for its withdrawal to its 1967 borders.
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