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a shallow arm of the Arabian Sea between Iran and the Arabian peninsula

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Sudan has been aggressively working over the course of the year to mend its ties with Arab Gulf states and particularly Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates (UAE) by effectively downgrading its ties with Iran.
But an increase in Middle East volume is likely to put further pressure on the industry -- particularly Saudi Arabia, which accounts for 63 per cent of petrochemical production in the Arab Gulf.
In an interview with the New York Times' Tom Friedman, President Obama even had the audacity to point out the obvious fact that the most challenging threat the Arab Gulf is facing is within its own borders, with growing domestic social, economic, and political problems.
He also praised Jordan's role under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II towards regional issues, mainly in the fight against terrorism as well as the Kingdom's support to Arab Gulf states.
The ministry issued a statement today in which it said the Arab Gulf region's security is a redline for Egypt.
BEIRUT: The Tourism Ministry will endeavor to encourage Arab Gulf tourists to return to Lebanon, Tourism Minister Michel Pharaon said Thursday.
Leaders of the Arab Gulf States constitute its membership and contribute to its budget to help human growth initiatives in developing nations, mainly women and children.
Emboldened by Egypt's fierce crackdown of the Brotherhood, several Arab Gulf states have also stepped up their clampdown of suspected Brotherhood members and Islamists, whom they see as a threat to the Gulf's tightly run fraternity of monarchs, sheiks and emirs.
The Ministry of Communications and Works is focusing efforts on opening air links with countries like Kazakhstan, China and Arab Gulf states, Minister Tasos Mitsopoulos has said.
Head of the bourse Atef El-Sherif, announced that six Arab Gulf companies from Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates are expected to be listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange soon in the context of the dual listing between the Egyptian exchange and the Gulf bourses.
Summary: Arab Gulf states have advised citizens not to travel to Lebanon, a popular summer tourist destination that is becoming increasingly engulfed in neighbouring Syria's civil war, official Saudi news agency SPA reported.
Tampering with Lebanon's ties with Arab Gulf States is no less dangerous than tampering with the nation's fate," Salam said, indicating that historic, cordial relations between Lebanon and Gulf countries should be constant and unrelenting.
were stunned to see more than 300 classic and rare vehicles still steering in the streets of Saudi Arabia and the Arab Gulf region.
Summary: The Arab Gulf countries have at last decided to get tough on the neighbouring Shi'ite country of Iran, said to be mainly to blame for the political and sectarian turmoil in the Gulf region and the Arab country of Syria.
Mohammed Merghani, acting Director of the University, Nasser al-Qahtani, Executive Director of the Arab Gulf Programme, Dr.
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