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a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa

a spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia

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Sometimes there is concentration on security field but the culture is rich as this country has been the foundation of Arab civilization and it is important to the region and the world.
It is time for us all, who are in positions of responsibility, to initiate a historic declaration that protects our Islamic and Arab civilization from a scheme that targets the unity of our peoples, the safety of our countries and the rights of the Arab citizens of all religions and sects to exercise their beliefs and religions freely.
It includes notably several chapters dealing with the origins of the Arab civilization , the role of Islam in the building-up of the Arab nation, the golden age of this civilization and the future challenges facing it.
Islamic calligraphy has always occupied a special place in Arab civilization and culture, and has been acclaimed around the world for its aesthetic and expressive nature," said Abdul Rahman Mohammad Al Owais, UAE Minister of Culture, Youth and Community Development.
Within artistic displays, theatrical expressions, and a panorama of contributions from Arab civilization, were statements that ordinarily don't appear at Washington's Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.
In this essay, I am not going to shed light upon subjects like Syrian Kurdistan, the Kurdish nation in Syria, the history of "the Kurdish neighborhood" in Damascus, the role of the Kurds in founding the Arab civilization in Syria from the old ages to the era of Salahaddin al Ayubi, or the administration of the Syrian Communist Party by Kurds.
Many already have concluded that the seeds of democracy never can be planted in a failed Arab civilization, as the region is to be forever plagued by tribalism, economic backwardness, religious hatred, and contempt for the non-Muslim world.
Thanks to Islam, the Arab civilization preserved ancient knowledge and continued to develop it.
This is natural, but "what is not natural, and what must be understood in order to be changed, is that the Arab mind remains until today fastened to that sensual, unhistorical world, which was erected by the age of Tadween on the bases of the lowest levels of Arab civilization throughout history.
Breaking with the features he sees in most Islamic thought today, Sharfi (Islamics and Arab civilization, U.
Without disparaging the great achievements of Arab civilization throughout the centuries, it is arguable that, with the exception of the discovery of oil and the proliferation of oil wealth, the Arab-Islamic world has been on the sidelines for much of the 20th century.
Riah El Assal stressed that the Arab Christians "have no civilization, no history, no culture nor heritage other than the Arab civilization, culture, history and heritage" (p.
He said that Arab Christians are part of the Arab fabric, have contributed in the Arab civilization and resisted colonialism alongside with Muslim compatriots.
The aims of the Plan are to highlight and promote dialogue between Arab civilization and culture and the world's other civilizations and cultures with particular emphasis on respect for the cultural diversity of the peoples; publicize the contribution of Arab culture to universal civilization; help Arab culture to master and develop the new information, communication and computer technologies in the service of modern culture; and contribute to the development of present-day Arab culture by encouraging the creation and flowering of different intellectual, literary, scientific and artistic currents and the free exchange of knowledge.
There is a longstanding respect for the great Arab civilization in Greece.
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