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a member of a Semitic people originally from the Arabian peninsula and surrounding territories who speaks Arabic and who inhabits much of the Middle East and northern Africa

a spirited graceful and intelligent riding horse native to Arabia

References in classic literature ?
The striking victory over a menacing combination of Turks and Arabs in the north, won by troops under the command of Lord Hastings, the veteran of so many striking victories, was already spread by the newspapers all over the Empire, let alone to this small garrison so near to the battlefield.
But, for all that, the crime would ruin us among the Arabs, all the more because it was something like a crime against hospitality.
The latter are exceedingly scarce--so much so that when poor ragged Arabs see one they beg to be allowed to kiss it.
That is Mount Longwek, the Trembling Mountain of the Arabs.
Keep your money, monseigneur; war is to be waged among the Arabs with gold as well as lead.
The Arab tells me to hurry, for he sees a cloud of sand to the south--he thinks it is the party coming to murder me, and he doesn't want to be found with me.
Did the Arabs murder him, after all, just on the eve of his departure?
As he opened his eyes he saw the faces of strange black men about him, and just outside the tent the figure of an Arab.
The Arab turned and seeing the open eyes of the prisoner upon him, entered the tent.
Achmet Zek took the Belgian into his confidence to a great extent, and at last unfolded to him a pet scheme which the Arab had long fostered, but which he never had found an opportunity to effect.
But for him we might carry on our 'trading' in safety and with great profit," continued the Arab.
He spent the hours until dark wandering about the market in company with a youthful Arab, one Abdul, who had been recommended to him by the innkeeper as a trustworthy servant and interpreter.
Here Tarzan purchased a better mount than the one he had selected at Bouira, and, entering into conversation with the stately Arab to whom the animal had belonged, learned that the seller was Kadour ben Saden, sheik of a desert tribe far south of Djelfa.
I caught only a glimpse of an Arab in a dark-blue burnoose and white turban," replied Tarzan.
The burning wind spoken of in the sacred writings, I take to be that which the natives term arur, and the Arabs uri, which blowing in the spring, brings with it so excessive a heat, that the whole country seems a burning oven; so that there is no travelling here in this dreadful season, nor is this the only danger to which the unhappy passenger is exposed in these uncomfortable regions.