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Cooke has served on many ARA committees and also was ARA Region Three director, plus is a longtime supporter of both the Foundation and ARAPAC, the American Rental Association's political action committee.
Project Ara Spiral 2 prototype will have a demonstration at the upcoming Developers Conference in the Americas and Europe on Jan.
Prior to ARA, he was with Cushman & Wakefield where he specialized in seniors housing investment sales and, before that, he was a senior vice president with Herbert J.
ARA treatment appropriations goal is to electrify the following:
It is a perfect event to entice more kids into running, " said Dave Watt of ARA .
ARA Assistant Director Alan McQuillan said: "Again this case shows that ARA is determined to work closely with the police and customs in dealing with those who have made significant amounts of money from drug dealing and other crimes.
However, on April 21, Judge Steven Taylor barred the defense team from introducing evidence tying the bombing to Elohim City or the ARA.
The Ara h2 protein was exposed to proteases encountered in the GI tract to determine whether the native protein structure, as mediated by disulfide bonds, played any role in protecting it from degradation.
To learn more about Beech-Nut(r) First Advantage[TM] with DHA and ARA, visit www.
DHA and ARA are naturally delivered to babies through breast milk.
When Catherina Buts (Kit), the protagonist in Connie Palmen's novel De Vriendschap (The Friendship), first encounters Ara Callenbach, the two girls appear somewhat isolated from the other elementary-school students.
LAS VEGAS -- The American Rental Association (ARA) has taken another step forward in defining and analyzing the equipment rental industry with the development of the new ARA Equipment Rental Penetration Index[TM], which is being introduced today at The Rental Show 2013.
Google is working on Project Ara, which will give the power to users to build their own smartphone by choosing their desired features.
is the first software company serving the equipment rental industry to achieve ARA Rental Market Metrics certification.