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a region of southwestern France between Bordeaux and the Pyrenees


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The fireplace which was formerly in the ocean liner Aquitania
Cunard soon renamed her Berengaria and in 1921, she was sent with Aquitania to the Walker naval yard of Armstrong Whitworth, where both were converted from coal to oil burning engines and various minor repairs were carried out.
Conceived shortly before the First World War slammed the watertight door shut on Britain's golden Edwardian summer, Aquitania represented the peak of Merchant Naval architecture.
On his way back to the United States aboard the RMS Aquitania in late summer 1920, Compton envisioned the crucial x-ray scattering experiments that he would carry out in his next academic post, at Washington University in St.
Oscar winner Swank has been signed to represent the Aquitania development on Nakheel's The World archipelago, off the coast of Dubai.
The development of Aquitania is situated in a similarly ideal location at the centre of The World, occupying the islands of France and Spain.
Davis, principal architect at the British firm Mewes and Davis, who was known for his interiors at the Ritz hotel in London and his decoration of Cunard's Aquitania (1914) .
Doubtless, Fry (a 1924 Liverpool graduate) also showed to Gropius Frederick Etchells' recent translation of Corbusier's Vers Une Architecture, which was illustrated with Liverpool works--notably Cunard's Aquitania and a striking whole-page photo of a Gladstone Dock lock-gate, anticipating the skyscraper profile of Milan's Pirelli tower, entitled simply 'Liverpool'.
Top of the range is the Aquitania Suite, with butler and concierge service, bedroom, living room, table set for six, dressing rooms and much more.
21) European war brides and other dependents were transported en masse over the Atlantic Ocean on luxury liners like the Aquitania.
On around the lake to Aquitania and Tota, a whip-wielding farmer spurs on a row of horses threshing beans around a stake.
It advertises the company's Southampton- Cherbourg-New York route and features a picture of the three liners Mauretania, Berengaria and Aquitania.
Imagine the luxurious ocean liners of the past--the Mauretania, the Aquitania and other steamships that once sailed under the Cunard Line--and you're picturing the elegant look of the four floors devoted to Louis Vuitton.
Second was the Aquitania Sol de Sol and third the Tabali Reserva Especial .
30] Initially evacuated to Lemnos, from there he was transferred to England aboard the Aquitania in October.