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a region of southwestern France between Bordeaux and the Pyrenees


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He was born at Christmas 1166, the fifth son of Henry II and Eleanor of Aquitane.
We might ask why, to take one example, someone like the troubadour Guillaume IX of Aquitane depicts the profit economy as a vagina that enlarges with use.
The bribery issue first came to the attention of the French in 2002 when a Paris prosecutor received information from an official of Technip, (28) a French company that was a partner in TSKJ consortium, about a Nigerian "slush fund" when the official was being questioned about his role in the alleged acts of fraud by the French oil company, Elf Aquitane (subsequently Total).
Anyone whose familiarity with the period is derived from the Robin Hood tales will be in for a rude awakening upon absorbing this zesty look at King Henry II (Stewart); his jailed queen, Eleanor of Aquitane (Close); and their three despicable sons, including the crusading Richard the Lionheart and the dolt who would in future years usurp his throne, John.
The formal description of the cruise yet again made no direct mention of petroleum or hydrocarbons; however, under the "Consultation" section of the BMR proposal, a handwritten entry read, "interest in work in area expressed by Elf Aquitane and Crusader Oil.
Peter O'Toole and Katharine Hepburn as Britain's King Henry II and his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitane, conduct a battle royal over which of their sons--Richard, Geoffrey, or John (played exquisitely by Anthony Hopkins, John Castle, and Nigel Terry, respectively)--will inherit Henry's throne.
a Canadian corporation that traded on the American Stock Exchange, brought a derivative suit alleging damages from a fraudulent sale of Banff treasury stock to two foreign companies, Aquitane of Canada, Ltd.
Hesse has two official European partner regions: the Italian province, Emilia-Romagna since 1992, and the French region, Aquitane since 1995.
French oil groups Elf Aquitane and TotalFina yesterday announced an agreed merger to create the world's fourth largest oil group.
Aquitane farmhouse, sleeps seven, shared pool, pounds 800, for May 29 for one week.
To the friend dearest to his heart, Frederick, by the grace of God the most invincible emperor of the Romans, Henry, king of England, duke of Normandy and Aquitane and count of Anjou, greeting and the harmony of true peace and love.