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a region of southwestern France between Bordeaux and the Pyrenees


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Students from the Bristol area participating in the exchange will spend two weeks living with their exchange partner family in Bordeaux and the Aquitaine region of France.
She considers the bishop and his cathedral; lay authority and the bishops of Aquitaine; episcopal authority at religious communities; episcopal foundation, restoration, and reform of religious houses; bishops and donations to religious houses; and ideals of episcopal power in 10th-century Aquitaine.
Eleanor of Aquitaine has been noted for her political achievements--yet here the focus is on her spiritual influence, nature and side, which considers her as a figure restoring a feminine face to medieval religious life, representing female power and leadership.
eastern part of the Aquitaine Basin, the main hydrocarbon producing basin in
My housekeeper, Miss Joan Pemberton, told me Eleanor of Aquitaine held gatherings of poets and minstrels.
An impressive work of historical fiction set in England 1202 AD, A King In Spite Of Himself by Alan Macleod is the riveting story of King John and the rescue of Eleanor of Aquitaine (John's mother), by Roger de Clare and William Marshall, Earle of Pembroke.
Julius Caesar And The Roman Republic (0761418369) covers both everyday life in the early Roman Republic and the political conflicts and controversies surrounding Caesar's rule, Napoleon Bonaparte And Imperial France (0761418377) surveys the military life of Napoleonic France, changes in the country between his early and later years of rule, the expansion of the empire and its dissolution; Han Wu Di And Ancient China (0761418350) surveys daily life and politics in ancient China, from dress to science and politics; and Eleanor Of Aquitaine And The High Middle Ages (0761418-342) surveys the queen of France's crusade, troubles, romances and affect on her kingdom.
Portrayed here in essays about their personal and professional lives are Esther, Cleopatra, Boudicca, Zenobia, Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isobel of Spain, Elizabeth I, Christina of Sweden, Maria Theresa, and Catherine the Great.
Golfers can choose from Brittany, Normandy, Western Loire, Poitou Charentes and Aquitaine, or combine them for a two-centre or more holiday.
Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir (Pimlico, pounds 8.
In particular, a MOU has been signed end of 1997 between the MHER and Elf Aquitaine and its partners (US, French and Italian).
Partners in Block 32 include Elf Aquitaine as operator with a 30 percent interest; Sonangol, 20 percent; Prodev, 20 percent; Esso Exploration, 15 percent; and Petrogal, 5 percent.
His thesis examines the context for, the course of, and the patterns underlying the late sixteenth- and seventeenth-century rebellions of croquants (meaning rebel peasants) in the southwestern part of France known as the Aquitaine.
Archer Cathro has considerable experience in uranium exploration including having performed exploration on Bond, Igor and Pterd properties on behalf of Chevron Canada Ltd, Aquitaine Company of Canada and Eldorado Nuclear during the period 1975 to 1982.
8 billion diversified chemical manufacturer headquartered in Philadelphia, PA, is an affiliate of Elf Atochem, a $11 billion worldwide chemical manufacturer, which is part of Elf Aquitaine (NYSE: ELF) headquartered in Paris, France.