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a region of southwestern France between Bordeaux and the Pyrenees


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On 31 May 2006, the Commission found that Arkema and its subsidiaries - Altuglas International SA and Altumax Europe SAS - as well as Total SA and Elf Aquitaine SA, their parent companies at the time, had participated in a cartel in the methacrylate sector (also known as acrylic glass) from 23 January 1997 to 12 September 2002.
On 11 June 2008, the Commission fined a number of companies, including Arkema France and its parent company at the time of the facts, Elf Aquitaine, for their anti-competitive conduct on the sodium chlorate market.
My housekeeper, Miss Joan Pemberton, told me Eleanor of Aquitaine held gatherings of poets and minstrels.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-2 August 2004-Lundin Petroleum AB reports oil in exploration well in Aquitaine Basin in France(C)1994-2004 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
On March 22, TotalFina, holding more than 95% of the Elf Aquitaine shares, changed its name to Total Fina Elf S.
In particular, a MOU has been signed end of 1997 between the MHER and Elf Aquitaine and its partners (US, French and Italian).
The Revolution in Provincial France, Aquitaine 1789-1799.
He lived at the court of Eleanor of Aquitaine and at the court at Toulouse, in later life retiring to the abbey of Dalon.
His thesis examines the context for, the course of, and the patterns underlying the late sixteenth- and seventeenth-century rebellions of croquants (meaning rebel peasants) in the southwestern part of France known as the Aquitaine.
From 1984 to 1995, he held international finance and control positions with several divisions of the Elf Aquitaine group.
The Board of Directors of French oil company Elf Aquitaine met on November 4 under the chairmanship of Philippe Jaffre and took note of the results of offer made by rival oil group TotalFina.
NYSE: TOT) and Elf Aquitaine (NYSE: ELF) announced today that TotalFinaElf's exchange offer in the United States and certain provinces of Canada for the outstanding shares and American depositary shares of Elf Aquitaine expired at 6:00 p.
Elf Aquitaine's offer consists of three of its shares plus Euro 190 in cash for every five TotalFina shares; six Elf Aquitaine American depositary shares plus Euro 190 in cash for every 10 Total Fina American depositary shares; and 3 Elf Aquitaine warrants for every 10 TotalFina warrants.
NYSE:TOT) and Elf Aquitaine (NYSE:ELF) announced today that, in connection with TotalFinaElf's exchange offer in the United States, Elf Aquitaine has been advised by the New York Stock Exchange that, effective immediately prior to the opening of trading on September 5, 2000, Elf Aquitaine's American depositary shares will be suspended indefinitely from trading on the NYSE.
French oil giant Elf Aquitaine has expressed an interest in the creation of a regional gas supply network between Syria and the Lebanon, supplying the Lebanese market with Syrian natural gas, with a terminal for liquefied natural gas (LNG) from Qatar.