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(Roman Catholic Church) Italian theologian and Doctor of the Church who is remembered for his attempt to reconcile faith and reason in a comprehensive theology

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It is important to remember that the subject of the encyclical was the importance of philosophy, which accounts for why Aquinas is treated here as the prime example of a Christian philosopher, as distinct from a theologian.
Previously Aquinas explained that religious perfection consists principally in charity (IIaIIae 184.
The discussion of Thomas in analytical dress might be thought of the new neo-Thomism, aimed at placing an ahistorical Aquinas squarely in contemporary debates of philosophical issues, yet unburdened by specific doctrinal commitments, since analytic philosophy is unified more by method than by doctrine.
Aquinas argued that "the ultimate human good or end is twofold (duplex), one achievable by the human beings' natural capacities, the other beyond the reach of these natural capacities, requiring the influx of divine grace" (p.
Augustine and Aquinas founded just war theory on a few lines from Paul's letter to the Romans.
In his theory of natural law and positive law, Aquinas intends the legislator enacting human laws to build on principles of natural law.
In order to grasp Scripture's distinct nature, it is important to emphasize that when Aquinas claims that Paul draws out the "allegorical sense" of the Old Testament, he is not claiming that Paul uses the literary device of allegory, or that allegorical interpretation is merely a textual or intertextual matter.
Aquinas "contents himself," Fabro says, with presenting descriptions of existence or esse, descriptions that give notably greater importance to the act of esse than to essence.
That theory doesn't sit soundly with the men of Aquinas FC, however, who have taken Division 2C by storm.
Doing so through the lens of modern debates about abortion, but also modern biological knowledge of the embryo, Amerini reconstructs Aquinas' "embryology," paying special attention to the status and identity of the embryo as a person before as well as after the 40th day (when Aquinas believed we became "rationally ensouled").
Rather than assuming an attitude of denial like some of his contemporaries, Aquinas held that passion was essential to human flourishing--with the necessary guidance of reason, of course.
The "Largest Online Retailer of the Catholic world" Aquinas and More today announced the launch of its Aquinas Angels Campaign, a crowdfunding campaign that runs from March 5 - March 19, 2013.
St Thomas Aquinas is best remembered for his Summa Theologicae and his Sununu Contra Gentiles but as the editors remind us, these two are only the biggest and highest peaks in a range of works that reflect the wealth of thirteenth century theological and philosophical investigation, especially into the relations between revealed truth and natural theology.
Consequently, its argument may appear antique; O'Reilly's main interlocutors are Jacques Maritain and Umberto Eco, whose writings on Aquinas were published decades ago.