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TIPS Bright, bold plants such as stunning purple iris, above, and, below, blood-red aquilegia, will have a bigger following.
Stunning: Modern aquilegia varieties will make an impression in any garden.
Carrie Thomas of Killay near Swansea has been growing aquilegias for 15 years and owns the only two national collections of these flowers in Britain.
Ms Thomas said: "I now see that I had some infected plants at least a year ago, but had no reason to believe that a sickly-looking Aquilegia plant had a virulent infection of any sort, let alone one likely to lead to the death of the plant after efficiently infecting other plants around it, as well as creating the long-term issue of resistant, infective spores in the soil.
Her love of cottage garden plants has developed into a blossoming romance with Aquilegia vulgari, or Granny Bonnets.
I'm planting aquilegias, lupins, black hollyhocks and verbascum' I'll start them in pots to avoid the slugs, then grow them on to flower next year.
DON'T miss our fantastic collection of 25 new double aquilegias for half price - only pounds 17.
Check borders for self-seeded foxgloves, aquilegias, campanulas, forget-me-nots and other flowers.
IF you are growing plants from seed, then aquilegias are a great place to start.
Liz Freeman ABECAUSE aquilegias flower so early, their seed is set and very often ready for collection by July.
A former medical rep, Ms Thomas now makes a living out of her love for aquilegias which began when she was five years old.
Granny's Bonnets - or aquilegias - will self-seed in tall meadow grass and there are plenty of quality hybrids to choose from.
The walled garden acts as an effective container for small children while their parents are left free to marvel at the beautiful Scottish cornflowers and aquilegias.