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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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Perhaps worse, the wall will block a vitally important underground aquifier that is a major supplier of water to the Gaza strip.
Characterizing the two-dimensional thermal conductivity distribution in a sand and gravel aquifier.
Notwithstanding all of this is the recently announced discovery in Kenya of an aquifier, 1000 feet down, the size of Rhode Island.
Filtered for many years through a vast aquifier deep within the mountains, it emerges at the Source Cachet, in the town of Evian-Les-Bains, on the banks of Lake Geneva.
Groundwater cleanup can occur in an underground aquifier.
His licence allows him to pump water from an aquifier - a deposit of rock which contains water - below his Godalming estate between April and October, to irrigate his gardens, designed by Gertrude Jekyll.
Perfectly pure, Crystal Head is quadruple distilled in glacial water from a deep aquifier in Newfoundland, Canada, then triple filtered through polished crystals.
If Iwas in control of the weather I would ensure that there was sufficientwater in the rivers, lakes and the underground aquifiers to keep the rivers running at medium level all summer.