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1b] axial planar foliations, whereas on Aquidneck Island only one generation ([F.
For nature lovers, Aquidneck Island is chock full of adventures.
The state is building the bridge because the adjacent arch bridge that connects Aquidneck Island with Tiverton and southeastern Massachusetts is rusted and is barred to vehicles with more than two axles.
The ship quickly gained speed and covered much ground, sailing to the entrance of the bay near Brenton Point on Aquidneck Island and then well past the Newport/Pell bridge on the northerly leg of the trip.
Particularly troubling for environmentalists was a conventional dredged crossing of the Providence River and sizing of the pipeline to provide for future demand on Aquidneck Island.
5 acres of picturesque waterfront property on Aquidneck Island, plus 100 acres out into the cove itself.
From the shores of Aquidneck Island to the banks of the rivers meandering through the Blackstone Valley and the discarded remnants documenting someone else's history, local artists depend on the world that surrounds them and the people that support them - in the museums, galleries, the street fairs, bars and restaurants - any place locally that they can share their works of art with a diverse audience.
The Newport Club is a unique project that will transform the west side of Aquidneck Island, and this financing brings us one step closer to that dream," says Brian O'Neill, Founder and Chairman of O'Neill Properties Group.