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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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The greater part of the sediment is therefore flushed and groundwater is rarely stagnant except in those places where saline, presumably connate water entrapped in aquicludes, persist in depth.
Em diversas facies ocorre a interdigitacao de lentes esbranquicadas de siltitos com lentes de siltitos-vermelhos, o que lhe da o carater de aquiclude (MACIEL FILHO, 1990).
sat] ~290 times higher than the overlying claystone aquiclude (P = 0.
Five carbonaceous paper shale samples were taken from the aquiclude stratigraphically equivalent to the fossil bearing quarry beds.
These sediments are widespread and underlie the floors of many trunk valleys of the wheatbelt of Western Australia and generally become finer grained upwards with a claystone aquiclude overlying a sandstone aquifer (for example Salama et al.
No caso especifico do carste na regiao do Acungui que abrange a bacia hidrografica estudada tem-se a intercalacao lateral de estratos de filitos e quartzitos que funcionam como aquicludes e, em dependencia do nivel de fraturamento, como aquitardes.
is scarcely dolomitized is probably due to the presence of marls, which may have acted as low-permeability barriers or aquicludes for dolomitizing fluids.
Aquicludes, by definition, retard water movement to lower, more permeable aquifers.
Aquitards have very slow permeability whereas aquicludes are essentially impermeable.