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a conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley

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Beginning in 312 BCE, the city built a series of aqueducts to supply water from the surrounding region to support a population that would reach as high as a million by the beginning of the imperial period.
26 it is putting out to tender 30 integrated water and sanitation works, construction of a new aqueduct, improvements to three aqueducts and construction of 129 sanitary units.
The state environmental affairs office and the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority announced they will allow public access along the grassy tops of the historic Wachusett, Sudbury, Cochituate and Weston aqueducts.
The same philosophy eases the minds of water officials who say that while patrols of the aqueducts have increased to guard against a terrorist poisoning the well, it would take a tremendous amount of chemicals to affect drinking water.
The bridge is part of an entire system modeled after Roman aqueducts which utilized gravity to help water flow naturally downwards as it would from the mountains.
Obliteration of vestibular and cochlear aqueducts in animals.
The Past Masters Three Aqueducts Project, on the South Stratford Canal, has been crowned a winner of The Waterways Renaissance Awards.
The citizens of Rome drank and bathed in water not from the sewage-polluted Tiber, but delivered by a series of aqueducts that brought fresh water from distant sources,' write the book's authors Jane McIntosh and Clint Twist.
These tenacious men and women hand-built the aqueducts and levees, allowing swamp lands to be transformed into some of the world's great farming lands.
Tenders are invited for Jordan Aqueduct Reach 4 and Alpine Aqueducts Cathodic Protection System.
Even snowshoeing and cross country skiing will be welcome once public access to historic aqueducts in 14 communities is allowed.
It was one of many aqueducts running under the city but had some unusual features.
The ability to move water between the California Aqueduct and the Los Angeles Aqueduct will help in the development of the bank, as well as provide flexibility in case of problems with one of the aqueducts, said agency General Manager Russell Fuller.
Coraaplata and the Technical Secretariat of the Presidency will build aqueducts with a total investment of RD$500 million whereas the Hydraulic Resources Institute (INDRHI) will build small hydroelectric projects, will improve irrigation systems and agricultural management centers, among other works, with an investment of RD$273.