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a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals

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The artificial insemination process of breeding a brown branded bamboo shark began in September 2013 when aquarists collected samples of semen from a male shark in Mooloolaba, northeast Australia.
Everything else we knew about these fishes came from the aquarium community: sometime after the description of Mazarunia, German aquarists had gone to the upper Mazaruni and brought back a few live specimens of the fish.
When Bangkok aquarists saw specimens in the Yangon aquarium trade, however, they recognized immediately that it was an undescribed species with a highly distinctive color pattern unlike anything previously known (Anon.
Water checks can be done by local aquarists or pet shops if you bring them a sample.
There is also the rare Mbuna or rockfish that is most wanted by aquarists world wide for its unusual behaviour and its vivid colouring.
While the marine environment off Dubai's shores has undergone massive changes in recent years, the environmentalists and aquarists working with the rehabilitation centre attributed the increase to wider public awareness about how to handle sick 
 and hurt turtles.
On Monday, two divers - Sea Zoo owners Frankie Hobro and Dylan Evans - aquarists and vets scanned the sharks' stomachs, did blood tests and weighed them.
ZOOKEEPERS and aquarists across the country today start the mammoth task of counting every animal in their collection for a new year stock-take.
The veterinarians, biologists, aquarists, divers, laboratory mangers, food technicians, mechanics and curators who tend to this delicate eco-system on a 24-hour basis have over 200 years experience from world-renowned marine institutes and facilities in Europe, Australia, South Africa, Philippines, The Bahamas and the United States.
The Web site companion will provide aquarists with information about each fish represented on the Reef Fish Guide and provide additional information, including reasoning for "Take it Home" and "Keep it Wild" designation and care requirements.
For teachers of courses in ichthyology or fish biology, collection managers, aquarists, ichthyologists and other zoologists.
Some aquarists use Styrofoam boxes as well, to avoid fluctuating temperatures and to help the fish relaxed by keeping them in the dark.
Aquarists treasure the plant's rosy foliage, and aquarium dumping probably loosed it on North America, says Burks.
Keepers and aquarists, who feed, monitor, and sometimes train animals;
Before aquarists place rocks into a display tank, they subject the rocks to a rigorous cleaning process called curing.