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a tank or pool or bowl filled with water for keeping live fish and underwater animals

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As an amateur aquarist, he was aware of the venomous nature of lionfish and sought immediate emergency department care, where warm (45[degrees]C) water soaks to inactivate the heat-labile venom began.
Bangkok aquarists have succeeded in producing great differences in color pattern in the featherfin Chitala ornata (Osteoglossi-formes, Notopteridae), but this has been achieved by selective breeding.
We have to jump in the tank and we have to force feed them," said David Robinson, an aquarist with Burj Al Arab said.
ZOOKEEPERS and aquarists across the country today start the mammoth task of counting every animal in their collection for a new year stock-take.
The Web site companion will provide aquarists with information about each fish represented on the Reef Fish Guide and provide additional information, including reasoning for "Take it Home" and "Keep it Wild" designation and care requirements.
For teachers of courses in ichthyology or fish biology, collection managers, aquarists, ichthyologists and other zoologists.
Some aquarists use Styrofoam boxes as well, to avoid fluctuating temperatures and to help the fish relaxed by keeping them in the dark.
Aquarists treasure the plant's rosy foliage, and aquarium dumping probably loosed it on North America, says Burks.
Keepers and aquarists, who feed, monitor, and sometimes train animals;
Before aquarists place rocks into a display tank, they subject the rocks to a rigorous cleaning process called curing.
Aquarists know that electricity and air travel paved the way for the keeping not only of many tropical fish, but salt water varieties.
The aquarists watch each newcomer for a month or more to see how it's adjusting to its new home.
Aquarists took a page from the horticulturists' book and began spraying the three-story-high tapestry of verdant vines with Miracle-Gro several times a week to replenish the nutrients lost to El Nino's inflows.
Sea Research conducts pioneering research that expands the knowledge base of aquarists and marine biologists, advances important deep-sea discoveries, and inspires new generations to care for the environment and pursue careers in science.
Your one-hour Feeding Experience includes: Priority admission into National SEA LIFE Birmingham on the day of the experience; time behind the scenes to meet one of the Centre's knowledgeable aquarists and learn more about Molokai; briefing to learn about feeding techniques and the turtle's vegetarian diet; see where the aquarists feed all the creatures in the Ocean Tunnel and carry out the turtle's feed; SEA LIFE goody bag with plush toy to take home.