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a transient shower of meteors when a meteor swarm enters the earth's atmosphere

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V5aHppMrIkh) describes the Delta Aquarids as follows: "The Delta Aquarids (Southern Delta Aquarids) are a meteor shower that occurs each year from mid-July to mid-August.
The Southern Delta Aquarids are part of a complex of radiants-or the points in the sky where the meteors come from-in the constellations Aquarius, Capricornus and Piscis Austrinus.
From places south of the equator, the Eta Aquarids typically put on very good show.
July 28-29: Southern Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower As many as 20 meteors per hour will likely be visible during this shower.
Constellations d 21:00 d 00:00 d 03:00 01 Car 09 Crv 02 Cir 06 Hya 10 Mus, Cru 06 Lup, Lib 08 Vel 14 Com 12 Ser Caput 19 Ant, Cha 17 Cen 16 CrB, TrA 21 Sex 18 CVn 19 Nor 22 UMa, LMi 23 Virgo 27 Sco 27 Leo 29 Aps Meteor showers Shower Duration Maximum April Lyrids Apr 16-Apr 25 Apr 22 pi Puppids Apr 16-Apr 28 Apr 23 alpha Scorpiids Apr 11-May 12 May 03 eta Aquarids Apr 21-May 12 May 05 Observing prospects are favourable for the April Lyrids and the pi Puppids.
mil duration Total Time showers observed) hrs Tim Cooper (3) eta Aquarids (1.
Leo Jul 23-Aug 21 A busy time, astronomically, what with the southern delta aquarids meteor shower, the perseids meteor shower, and Neptune at its closest to the earth, about 4.
Moreover, the nearly full Moon is up for almost the whole night so it will wash out most of the two or three dozen Aquarids falling each hour.
Watch a Meteor Shower NAME 2005 DATE RELATED CONSTELLATION Lyrids April 19-24 Lyra the Lyre Eta Aquarids May 3-10 Aquarius the Water Bearer Delta Aquarids July 26-31 Perseids August 10-22 Perseus Orionids October 16-26 Orion the Hunter Leonids November 14-20 Leo the Lion Geminids December 10-15 Gemini the Twins Ursids December 17-25 Between Little Dipper abd the Big Dipper (Ursa Minor and Ursa Major) Source: www.
But evening observations of the 1995 Geminid shower's peak will be moon free, the Leonids of November and Orionids of October will not be too badly bothered, and the peaks of the Quadrantids in January and Delta Aquarids in July can be watched with no Moon in the sky.
Several showers have already dazzled the skies so far this season - in May and April - but sky-gazers can still look forward to two notable displays to come, the Southern Delta Aquarids and the Perseids.
The Southern Delta Aquarids are part of a complex of radiants - or the points in the sky where the meteors come from - in the constellations Aquarius, Capricornus and Piscis Austrinus.
Several minor, long-lasting meteor showers with radiants in the southern sky are active during July, including the Alpha Capricornids, Piscis Austrinids, and Northern and Southern Delta Aquarids.
2) He published numerous accounts of his meteor work in the English Mechanic, including a thorough analysis of his observations of the 1907 Aquarids.