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underground bed or layer yielding ground water for wells and springs etc

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in exchange for offering the capital and financing required to start manufacturing of the AquaFer Q System and continue further development of the technology for a large and expanding list of product applications and market segments.
AquaFer has a technological advantage over all known competitors and processes in that it:
Sealed Bid: Bid no 14-32 northwest wellfield floridan aquafer production well nw4 wellhead
The construction of water distribution infrastructure will allow for the distribution of the treated effluent; the construction of storm water drainage networks will allow for the collection and transportation of rain water and ground water to the sea; as well as a comprehensive study of Qatar's underground to understand the quality and capacity of the underground aquafers and the development of more stringent discharge water regulation," he outlines.
New knowledge about the functioning of microbial organisms in underground aquafers was developed, but the main output was the development of an environmentally sound method for killing microbes without introducing chemical, nuclear or blasting techniques.