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a conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley

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The Aquaduct Large Bore PE project is believed to be a worlds first of this size pipe produced on site in a re-locatable manufacturing plant.
ITV seem intent on turning Corrie into Emmerdale with farfetched plot twists and over-staged scenes, like the Baldwin men per ched ridiculously on that aquaduct.
A May 2003 son of Metric Tiger and Aquaduct Tune, he has won four of his 23 starts and reached the final of the recent Corn Cuchulainn at Harold's Cross, finishing last.
In second and third places were Mirfield anglers Richard Thornton and Keith Grey with weights of 2lb 5oz and 2lb 1/2oz, both from John Lockwood's stretch of the canal above the aquaduct.
An alternative Strand route, this time an aquaduct carrying boats above traffic and pedestrians using a lift at either end.
95 for $500 milllion in voter-approved bonds for the Metropolitan Water District, which used the money for construction of the Colorado River Aqueduct and a portion of the California Aquaduct, both of which bring water to Los Angeles County.
There are 14 pumping plants and one pump/generator plant on the aquaduct that diverts the water from the river and carries it across the state.
T Nylander is pleased to announce the signing of a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Aquaduct International LLC.
Tenders are invited for Re-construction of aquaduct trough and improvements to cd works in kadegadde pickup canal under virija canal.
Those taking part included Mac Walton, seven, who suffers from Enlarged Vestibula Aquaduct Syndrome, a rare condition which damages hearing by allowing too much endolymph fluid to flow into the hearing and balance organs.
In his only subsequent outing, he started favourite for the Grade 2 Nashua Stakes in Aquaduct, but could finish only fourth to Violence.
As the first obstacle on our journey, the dark and narrow Whitehouse Tunnel loomed, our rate of progress slowed to a near standstill, but we scraped along, and finally onwards towards our passage over the spectacular Pontyscyllte Aquaduct, with the River Dee cascading over the rocks a terrifying 38 metre sheer drop below, it's a breathtaking experience.
From her two workshops overlooking the Froncysyllte aquaduct, Llangollen, the former nurse is producing artisan-made scarves and wraps which, thanks to the web, have a global market.
Jones Road, snowmobiles digging up the aquaduct area.
Nearby attractions include Thomas Telford's astonishing 126ft aquAduct over the River Dee which, as it is crossed, offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside.