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a conduit that resembles a bridge but carries water over a valley

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Aquaduct holds expertise in large bore long length polyethylene pipe and on-farm irrigation and was a major supplier of product to the Valetta and Central Plains irrigation schemes.
The Aquaduct Large Bore PE project is believed to be a worlds first of this size pipe produced on site in a re-locatable manufacturing plant.
Focal Colony Colony site Year n observations Mean (SD) size Aquaduct 2012 10 23 2.
Peacefully at Llangollen Fechan Nursing Home, formerly of The Aquaduct Inn, Vroncysyllte and The Hermitage, Llangollen aged 98 years.
Derby and Linden roads, report of ATVs on the aquaduct tearing it up; the drivers took off, not sure where they went.
We have built our own Roman aquaduct system in our bathtub.
On our first night, we headed for The Secret Harbour, a quiet mooring just before the Avon Aquaduct, where the kids enjoyed watching for fish and tadpoles, before heading on to historic Linlithgow the next day.
In the presented patient the main risk factor was the Mondini's dysplasia, which is a developmental anomaly of the middle ear characterized by cochlear malformation with dilation of the vestibular aquaduct, vestibule and ampullar ends of the semicircular canals (7).
Ara sira kist eksizyonunu takiben foramen Monroe seviyesindeki BOS dolasim yolunun basarili bir sekilde acilmasina ragmen aquaduct stenozu ya da araknoid granulasyon bloguna (konjenital malformasyon ya da cerrahi sirasinda ventrikuler hemoraji nedeniyle) bagli hidrosefali devam edebilir.
Big Flow systems from Kidde incorporate National Foam, Angus Flexible Pipelines and Silvani brand products offering innovative, integrated solutions to these large capacity fire fighting needs, including: * Mobile pumping systems with flows in excess of 5,000 gallons per minute at pressures of up to 175 psi and more; * Trailer-mounted, diesel engine driven pumps; * Mobile foam delivery devices with flows up to 12,000 gallons per minute; * Ultra large diameter 12-inch Super Aquaduct NSF 61 "layflat" hose; * Hose deployment, retrieval and storage equipment, manifolds and hardware; * A wide range of foam concentrates and foam proportioning and transport equipment; and * The world's most powerful monitor of its kind, handling 60,000 L/min @12 bars.
ITV seem intent on turning Corrie into Emmerdale with farfetched plot twists and over-staged scenes, like the Baldwin men per ched ridiculously on that aquaduct.
A May 2003 son of Metric Tiger and Aquaduct Tune, he has won four of his 23 starts and reached the final of the recent Corn Cuchulainn at Harold's Cross, finishing last.
Highlights include sightseeing excursions to Toledo itself, Madrid, the walled city of Avila and Segovia with its Roman aquaduct.
In second and third places were Mirfield anglers Richard Thornton and Keith Grey with weights of 2lb 5oz and 2lb 1/2oz, both from John Lockwood's stretch of the canal above the aquaduct.