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a device (trade name Aqua-Lung) that lets divers breathe under water

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The Aqua-Lung would, for the first time, allow divers to stay underwater much longer than they could on a single breath.
With the Aqua-Lung, Cousteau and his crew were able to explore and film parts of the ocean depths that had never been discovered before.
At the same time, he and his friend, engineer Emile Gagnan, were developing a new device called the Aqua-Lung, often risking their lives to test equipment.
He made his first underwater films during the war period and, with engineer Emile Gagnan, perfected the Aqua-Lung, an underwater breathing apparatus that supplies air to divers and enabled him to be a ``manfish.
As our business has grown, we have been in search of an easy to use, automated system for our sales force to submit and manage their orders while on the road," stated Stephen Murnane, executive vice president, Aqua-Lung America.
This customized planning feature will allow the company to abandon their manual system and replace it with an automated, fully integrated system to help Aqua-Lung forecast their future product requirements and assist their customers with a robust merchandise buy planning feature.
Buses and taxis would be pleasant places to be, and would not require an aqua-lung just to survive a 10- minute journey.
Cousteau, who died Wednesday at the age of 87, helped perfect the Aqua-Lung, a self-contained breathing apparatus that freed divers from the bondage of air hoses and cumbersome helmets.
With his invention of the Aqua-Lung, he fitted us with wings to bridge that millennia-old barrier between air-breathing, terrestrial man and the animals of the marine world.
So 50 years after Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan invented a device called the Aqua-Lung that allowed people to breathe underwater, many travelers have decided they don't just want to see the ocean's creatures on the Discovery Channel, they want to see it for themselves.
After the war, he spent several years exploring and diving the world's oceans, refining Aqua-lung equipment invented by Jacques Cousteau, before moving on to become a stuntman in Hollywood.
Chanting "God is Greatest", troops paraded missiles carriers, some bearing banners saying "Death to America" and "Death to Israel", armored personnel carriers and unmanned surveillance aircraft as well as small submarines with men wearing aqua-lungs alongside.
Although some luggage space is lost owing to the hood, the 9-3 can still seat four adults in comfort as well as having room for four sets of aqua-lungs and 1,000 metres of high strength climbing rope in the boot.