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Jordan's port

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The Yahweh-worshipping Midianites and Kenites had their homeland in "northwestern Arabia east of the Gulf of Aqabah," he writes on page 28.
During the first session of the court, headed by Judge Abdul Bari Aqabah, the secretary of the court presented the prosecution's accusations against Abdul Aziz Yahya Hamoud Al-Abdi, a 39-year-old ex-Air Force Officer, who is accused of killing Al-Nahari.
Shanghai - Ningbo - Hong Kong - Shekou - Singapore - Port Kelang - Jeddah - Aqabah - Hodeidah - Port Kelang - Singapore - Hong Kong - Shanghai
Maritime security training will take place in southern Jordan, at Al Aqabah on the Gulf of Aqaba, inside a structure that simulates a ship.
An initial meeting of all parties in, say, Jordan at Aqabah could then be followed by in-depth meeting at Cardiff, out of which could arise never a treaty, for history teaches us that treaties, "those scraps of paper", ultimately cause more problems than intent, simply for this generation and future generations to say thanks for the "Cardiff Accord" the UN: thinkable was possible.
In terms of modern geography, McKinsey is right, because Ezion-geber was located on what is now called the Gulf of Aqabah.
05 COVENTRY STAKES 6f ITV 9-2 Arawak, Brother Bear, 6 De Bruyne Horse, 7 Denaar, 9 Murillo, 12 Nebo, Rajasinghe, 14 Romanised, Zaman, 20 Aqabah, Prince Of The Dark.
Moreover, the aggression air forces waged three raid on Al Duraihmi district of Hodeida province, and waged a raid on Al Aqabah area in Haydan district and another one on Al Dhaher district of Saada province, as well as two strikes on Al Amoud site of Jizan province, the official added.
Mina, Dhu-AlHijjah 10, 1436, Sep 24, 2015, SPA -- The official spokesman of the Directorate of Civil Defense said that at 09:00 AM of today, Thursday, the 10th of Dhu-AlHijjah 1436 AH corresponding to September 24, 2015, while pilgrims were flocking to Jamarat site to throw the grand Jamarat Aqabah (pebbles), a sudden interference among pilgrims and increase in the numbers of pilgrims heading to the Jamarat facility across the street number (204) at its intersection with the street number (223) in Mina, have occurred leading to a stampede and crowd among pilgrims.
Earlier today, the Ansarullah fighters won control of Jabal Aqabah in Northern Yemen.
The southern system cuts through the Faya range, between Jebel Aqabah and Jebel Faya, and merges into Wadi Iddayyah--Batha Ar Rafi'ah.
After praying Fajr, going back to Mina and throwing seven stones at Jamrat-ul Aqabah, reciting Takbir each time.
MY WEEK Punting high The new surface at Lingfield is running just fine but I would say that after Al Aqabah returned to form on her favoured Polytrack when winning a claimer at the Surrey track Punting low Not backing any of Richard Hughes's ten winners in two days at Windsor and Leicester.
Nashwan Aqabah of Saqain said that Talh camp supervisors dismissed him from the camp because he had demanded that the refugees' situation be improved and accused certain staff members of corruption and oppression against refugees, including women and children.
According to reports by Yemeni media outlets, the Ansarullah fighters flushed out al-Qaeda terrorists from Jabal Aqabah, North of Yemen, and gained full control over the strategic region.