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having no fever

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By day 5, after intravenous antibiotics and analgesia, the patient had been asymptomatic and apyrexial for 24 hours and was discharged.
On examination he was apyrexial, with a tachycardia of 100 bpm.
The patient is apyrexial, systemically well and even if the lids can be extremely swollen, the globe appears normal, white, with no limitation of ocular movements or double vision.
The patient was apyrexial and had no lower limb swelling or tenderness.
She was apyrexial with restricted rotation and flexion of her left hip.
Within 3 days, the patient's condition improved, and after a further 5 days she was apyrexial (8).
She was apyrexial, with a white cell count (WCC) of 6.