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a region in southeastern Italy on the Adriatic

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The Apulians used tarantism as an excuse to hold orgies, blaming their behaviour on spider bites.
Some changes have been occurring, but Apulians themselves are modest about their region's wine prospects.
Primitivo, sometimes cited as a forerunner to zinfandel, can produce an awkward and intense wine under most common Apulian methods--high production in intense summer heat has yielded thick, stewed wines more reminiscent of basement-produced home-made jug wines than the racy zinfandels US drinkers are accustomed to.
He also commented `whoever heard of such a mixture of languages in one army, since there were French, Flemings, Frisians, Gauls, Allobroges [Savoyards], Lotharingians, Allemani [South Germans and Swiss], Bavarians, Normans, English, Scots, Aquitainians, Italians, Danes, Apulians, Iberians, Bretons, Greeks and Armenians'.