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a region in southeastern Italy on the Adriatic

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Well, II mondo magico (this became clear to me only later) was nothing other than a contemplation, at the global level, of the obscure theogonie anguish perennially pressing on the gaze of poor Apulian peasants.
In the last few years, Apulian universities have been making great efforts to promote technology transfer, although they are operating within an organizational, financial and legal context not so much developed yet and often changing.
The circular, cylindrical forms bring to mind traditional Italian Apulian trulli, Neolithic British Pimperne roundhouses and historical tulou of Hakka people in southern China.
Phillips connects the different types of frescoes in Pompeii to the examples found in Apulian vases, showing how the Tarentine masters of the fourth century BC were the ones who produced the main innovations in Andromeda's iconography, namely the shift from the posts to the grotto, and finally to the rocky cliff.
Of the known 13,631 Apulian red-figure vases from Italy, only a little over 5 per cent were recovered archaeologically and it is estimated that tens of thousands of ancient tombs were plundered to produce so many vases.
The report says: "Both Camorra (Naples) and Apulian (Puglia) crime groups have established extensive links with Chinese groups to distribute counterfeit products such as software, CDs, movies and luxury goods.
A second association of tortoises with young girls comes from vase depictions A fourth-century Apulian vase (khous), now in the British Museum, is illuminating.
Effect of age at slaughter on carcass traits, fatty acid composition and lipid oxidation of Apulian lambs.
Antifungal activity of essential oils from leaves and flawers of Inula viscosa (Asteraceae) by Apulian region.
Furthermore, the hotel often likes to surprise guests with special and unique culinary offers in the award-winning San Nicola restaurant which serves simple and sophisticated fish menus based on traditional Mediterranean dishes and fine Apulian products.
A trullo is a traditional Apulian stone dwelling with a conical roof, and my friend has converted it into a home, so I am dying to see it.
In this he was considerably assisted by the inventive Apulian marketing firm Proforma, who designed a now famous series of provocative posters for his 2005 election campaign, whose aim was to positively reclaim all the fear-mongering labels the right sought to attach to Vendola, while simultaneously emphasising the bigotry of his political adversaries and the uncompromising character of his own politics.
This underexplored, highly prospective area is situated on the proven Apulian Carbonate Margin, which extends across the Adriatic Sea from Italy into Albania.
In addition to standard clones of 'Arbequina', 'Arbosana' and 'Koroneiki', two additional cultivars were introduced: 'Coratina', the most popular Apulian olive oil cultivar, and 'Urano', a new Italian cultivar considered by our research group to be well-suited for super-high-density olive culture.