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a region in southeastern Italy on the Adriatic

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The case of Andromeda in Apulian vases is emblematic in this sense.
Effects of the edible sea urchin, Paracentrotus lividus, fishery along the Apulian rocky coast (SE Italy, Mediterranean Sea).
Could all the wounded troops again assemble:/ first from Apulia, land laid low by war,/ who grieved for their lost blood/shed by the Trojans, then all those/ of the long war, whose corpses were despoiled/of piles of rings--as Livy writes, who does not err--/ together with the ones who felt the agony of blows/ fighting in the fields against Guiscard,/ and those whose bones still lie in heaps/ at Ceperano, where each Apulian played it false,/ and those near Tagliacozzo,/ where old Alardo conquered without force of arms/ and should one show his limb pierced through,/ another his, where it has been cut off,/ it would be nothing to the ninth pit's filth.
1 UNESCO World Heritage Sites Puglia boasts a number of World Heritage sites: Castel del Monte, near the city of Bari, built by Emperor Frederick II in the 13th century is a unique piece of medieval military architecture, offering stunning views of the Apulian countryside.
Another Apulian example executed by the Haverford Painter, now Naples 2013, shows an ecstatic maenad holding a dagger in one hand and a still untouched animal in her left.
Other lots include an important Apulian redfigure hydria vase from approximately 410-400 BC.
Contemporary reports that Scott refers to, but does not quote, confirm and even further spell out what we see in the Prayer Book illuminations: in 1447 Alfonso paid 745 ducats for a piece of gold brocade, more than forty-two times what an Apulian laborer would earn in a year
2001 "Analysis of the Looting, Selling and Collecting of Apulian Red-Figure Vases: A Quantitative Approach.
In key ways local Apulian priorities structure his remarks.
In many dialects of Italy, free variation of aux E/H is also found, as illustrated in (16) with data from the Apulian variety of Altamura (Bari province): (Data are limited to 1st and 2nd persons for reasons that will become apparent below; cf.
However, the classification adopted, based on style-of-faulting, carries implicitly a regionalization: the normal faulting style is found, in fact, along the Apennines, while the reverse faulting style is found in NE Italy and Southern Italy in the Apulian area.
The Lombardy Basin represented early Jurassic continental extension that signified the oncoming separation and spreading of the Apulian Plate away from the Eurasian plate, leading to the development of the Ligurian Sea.
However, even such luminaries as Severino Garafano, wine-making advisor to such better-known wineries as Taurino and Botromagno, was unnecessarily modest about the possibilities of Apulian wines.
500g (1lb) orecchiette, or other Apulian cavatelli pasta (shell-shaped)