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the act of certifying or bestowing a franchise on

confirmation that some fact or statement is true through the use of documentary evidence

validating the authenticity of something or someone

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Reasons are clear in low performance as aptitude tests are not calculated within school grading systems, educational methods are weak and the current curriculum is in need of improvement in all subjects.
This led to his education venture, Konfidence, which concentrates on aptitude test preparation geared towards campus recruitment.
A group of 60 students from different international schools wrote the differential aptitude test to analyze their verbal, abstract and numerical reasoning, clerical aptitude, spatial and mechanical intelligence and language skills.
According to Frank Schmidt from the University of Iowa, author of the new paper, aptitude tests predict how well people will do in schools and on jobs, and doing well in them depends on general intelligence rather than specific aptitudes.
one of the web's foremost source of personality assessments, has recently released a new Career Personality & Aptitude Test.
Thus, many old-style sales personality tests and sales aptitude tests are inadequate for hiring good experienced sales people.
He explained it was common for medicine hopefuls to have to complete months of voluntary work in the health sector as well as carry out aptitude tests.
More than 1,300 non-nationals applied to join the force last September, but only 193 sat essential aptitude tests.
The best will have aptitude tests, manual dexterity checks and interview before managers select 21 who will start training in September.
Only 857 of those who said they were non-white Irish went on to undertake the Stage I aptitude tests and only 193 passed them.
However, Martin has done all the right things by sitting industry aptitude tests and returning to college for a pre-apprenticeship course.
Youngsters will take aptitude tests at open days in Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol and London next month, with 16 selected to attend a tennis training camp with McEnroe.
BOSSES at Coventry's two universities are opposed to their institutions setting their own aptitude tests - but are more positive about a national university admission test.
THE time is right to see if American Scholastic Aptitude Tests should be used alongside A-Levels in the university admissions process, a headteachers' leader has claimed.
Edwin Gordon and his colleagues in music learning theory have helped greatly by clarifying the distinction between music aptitude and music achievement, and even by providing reliable aptitude tests that, when used properly, help us discern that many children are much more inherently musical than they appear to be.