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Synonyms for apron

Synonyms for apron

a garment of cloth or leather or plastic that is tied about the waist and worn to protect your clothing

(golf) the part of the fairway leading onto the green

the part of a modern theater stage between the curtain and the orchestra (i

a paved surface where aircraft stand while not being used

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The curtains have gone up on the Apron Stage in the Perthshire village of Stanley.
Inside the Winter Gardens, the stage had also been transformed overnight from a traditional one to an apron stage jutting into the audience.
While sharing the values of the nineteenth-century realists he also embraced the innovations of William Poel, using an apron stage.
By contrast yet again, Indiana Reys relatively small, unspectacular house wraps around and cozies up to its apron stage.
THE Symphony Hall apron stage is a daunting space for classical dancers.